Thursday , September 29 2022

CLOSEING TOURNAMENT: Sunrise in the match against Sun Martin sports a lot of sports


The roof does not disappear because he can not be counted Holders. After friend's news Peruvian election, Red, black, outside the discharge, can return to the field of the San Martin University, where the mystic masters preferred.

He is the last player to play in the final, and after Melgar, he took over as the captain of the tournament. In second place Collision, I will choose where the first match against Ariyanas Lima.


After the training, the announcement of the FCV Melvy Nvivipov.

If not, it is Lima Alliance (Binashinel, Sun Martin) will have two missing matches that will be the score, and the goal difference should be defined in the first place. In addition, for a deep team a Extra point The second in the Reserve tournament.

Coach Hernan Torres, who has been in the forefront, has concentrated on this match. This is because he can calculate the players in the final matches. As mentioned, Bernado Chesta, Tulio Echshemaite, Paulo Fuentes, and Jean Pierre Fuenes Recovered Or with good progress to get the next week's game.

About the halfway

Torres said Alexis Arias had traveled to Lima without injuries and could be recovered. "Going well from here, I'm not hurt, the Peruvian Football Federation said, and it will be back, and we hope it will be," he said.

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