Wednesday , March 22 2023

Barcelona wants to replace Luisa with Luis Suarez, says in Germany


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Louis Suarez is looking for a striker for Barcelona instead of a Barcelona, ​​he is still in a very good stadium, 31 years. Several names have appeared, the last one is matching Luka Jovic.

The 20-year-old Serbian gunner is playing Eintracht Frankfurt The 11-day Bundesliga top scorer is nine goals. According to Build, & # 39; culé & # 39; The agenda is in the direction of the team and its ability as a projection.

Still, the Catalan side is not the only player in the Balkans. He made his debut in Bayern Munich and Liverpool. The five goals league against forwardess Dusseldorf and the best player against Germany won the trophy.

Before arriving in Tunisian football, Joviqk became ally in Benfica and Red Star. This is the second season in Frankfurt.

Jocock played in three matches and has not yet scored goals.

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