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Attack Titan 4×01 Online Live on Cruncher: Time to Watch Season 4 premiere and Streaming Channel Live | Shingeki No Kyogin | Check


Fourth and final season “Shingeki no Kyogin(“Attack on Titan” or “Attack a Los Titanus” in Spanish) On Sunday, December 6, the ‘War of All Wars’ will begin in Latin America. Marley and Eldia will face whatever they have, but only one country can win, survive, and retain the power of all the Titans.

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Although the main characters of previous seasons “Attack the Titan“If it were Eran, Mikasa, Armin and Levi, this time the story will focus on the Marley residents and their soldiers and what happened to them all these years.

It is hoped that the final season will resolve all doubts about the Titans and end the story of each of the characters in the series based on the manga written and illustrated by Hajim Isayama.

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Gabby Brown and Falco Grace in the first episode of the fourth season "Shingeki no Kyogin" (Photo: MAP Studio)
Gabby Brown and Falco Grease in the first episode of the fourth season of “Shinkeki No Kyogin” (Photo: Mappa Studio)

How and when to watch the season 4 premiere of “Attack the Titan”?

Divided into two parts, the fourth and final season “Shingeki no KyoginThe NHK will be released in Japan next Monday, December 7, at 12:10 AM local time. That is, it can be seen in Latin America from Sunday, December 6th Crunchyrol, A few hours after its original broadcast.

Funny, Currently only available in the region of Mexico. “Attack the Titan“Available only on its platform with dubbing into Latin Spanish.


According to the country, “Shingeki no Kyogin”Available at:

  • Japan: NHK at 12:10 p.m.
  • Mexico: 2:45 PM Crunchroll and Funimation
  • Peru and Colombia: Crunchyrol at 3:45 p.m.
  • Argentina and Chile: Crunchyrol at 5:45 p.m.
  • Spain: 5:00 pm Selecta Vision
  • United States: 3:45 pm for animation

Trailer de la Temporada 4D “Shingeki no Kyogin”

Shingeki No Kyogin | Trailer de la Temporada 4D “Attack on Titan”

What will happen in season 4 of “Shinkeki No Kyogin”?

The third season ended with the biggest revelations of the series. After defeating the Beast Titan and discovering the truth about the Titans through Grisha Jaeger’s Journal, Eran and the others went beyond the walls to face the vast ocean that Eran’s father described in his notebook.

Unlike his other comrades, Eran knows what this means: not freedom overseas, but the children of his most formidable enemy, Marley.

Set after four years, the last batch of episodes “Shingeki no KyoginIt is not clear whether the endings in both versions will be the same, but the final volumes of the manga will match. It is known that the arch of Marley is fully enclosed.

In November, Funimation shared a new summary for its final season: “Four years after the Legion of Recon landed, the world is different. The fate of the Legion of Reconnaissance is heating up as the people of Paradise are finally determined. However, Iron is nowhere to be seen. Will this reappear before the ancient tensions between the Marlians and the elders lead to the war of all wars?

What will happen to Erin, Micah, Armin and others last season? "Shingeki no Kyogin"?  (Photo: White Studio)
What will happen to Erin, Mikasa, Armin, and others in the final season of “Shinkeki No Kyogin”? (Photo: Wit Studio)
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