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An explosion in the office of the prosecution, in the center of Cali


November 02, 2018 – 12:03.


Writing El País

At Metropolitan Police, at noon on Friday, he declined an explosion in the center of the prosecution in central Cali to launch a terrorist attack.

The emergency was shown at 11:55 am in Calle 10's Justice Building, Carrera 6, in front of the San Francisco Plazoleta. Several debris were in front of the building.

The prosecution warns that these are not "explosives and grenades as they say" to better tap those present.

The images transmitted by the witnesses show a strong emanation of smoke from the first floor of the building, while the CTI and the police authorities are asking the street to evacuate the citizens, as shown in the video:

Firefighters are emergency prosecutors at the prosecutor's office

Several buildings in the sector, including Valle del Gobernación, evacuated the authorities. There is no information yet about the injured.

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Three detonations were observed on the spot, causing panic for a few minutes and forced to evacuate the building's building, including Valley Gobernació.

So the hard blasts came on the second floor of the building:

An explosion in the headquarters of the Cali Prosecutor's Office

So he got into one of the three detonations in the office of the prosecutor.

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Testimonies indicate that building officials occasionally trapped the upper floors when trying to evacuate an emergency.

Explosion in the prosecutor's office

According to preliminary information, explosive devices would be badly manipulated, as the explosive group of the prosecutor's office works there

The country

Other images also show that the authorities suffer minor injuries. Some firefighters of the Fire Brigade are also seen by people as they can see the following videos:

The first images of the explosions of the prosecution 3

Police officers help an older adult who suffered a minor injury after the explosion.

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Wounded ambulances prosecutors explosion Cali

The ambulance serves as an adult woman on a stretcher after the bomb explosion occurred at the headquarters of the Cali Prosecutor's Office.

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The Fire Department announced that when their uniform arrived at the scene, ammunition and war material were found.

Later, four extinguishers, tankers, altitude machines, two logistic vehicles, and three ambulances continued their emergency.

Alberto José Hernández. The director of the Cali Fire and Rescue Authority reported that "five people were reported out of the ambulance site due to nervous breakdowns and smoke absorption," said Hernández.

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