Sunday , April 2 2023

YouTube experimenting with free movies –


This weekend you found that YouTube offers more feature films in their service and is completely free. It is one of the old beetles, including Legally Blend, The Terminator.

Movies are available on YouTube for a long time, at a fixed price. However, sometimes the ads are funded by advertising.

Currently, only US users apply. In Norway, the price of these pictures is 29 crores.

A response to the subscription service

There are lots of video streaming services on the market now, and each month requires a lot of money from customers. You have been offered no promises, but it is limited to how many services you can subscribe to at the same time. This is the background for YouTube for some ad-finance films:

"We have had a chance to pay only customers based on their wishes so we ask the question: Can we accept advertising financing movies and the user completely free of charge?" YouTube's product manager Rohit Dhawan told the AdAge website. It is a great opportunity for advertisers to get a new platform to propagate their message, "he said.

Get movies, get details

Currently, over 100 movies can be viewed for free. There are no new and critically acclaimed actors in this film. However, Americans can enjoy movies like zookeeper or agent code banks, or in the old hit movies like Terminator or Rocky.

The Film Committee is expected to grow, but advertisers and film companies are dependent on both the decisions to decide what should be done. According to AdAge, digital platform as a channel is still an unfamiliar province in the construction sector. There was a regular timeline before: the movies first came into the movies, then DVDs, and finally the TV. It is not clear where exactly a movie is being distributed through YouTube ports in this line.

We sent a request to Google Norway to hear something that might be similar in Norway.

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