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Years later, the Harry Potter secret has been confidential


The second "Fantastic Beats" series, titled "Felldider: Grindwalwalds Crimes", was shown on Wednesday in the Norwegian language.

Jk Salminder Fisle (New Scamander), Rowling's Magic Harry Potter University and British Eddie Redmond.

But Harry Potter did not have the first role in the universe.

Many years ago, he went on to become an audition for Tom Wenter, Voldemort's greatest enemy, Harry Potter.

Finally a roll: Eddy Redmein
A letter: Eddie Redmein "FancyBicus: The Grimes of Grindwald". Photo: Warner Bros. PSP / AP / NTB ScanPixx
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Quickly interrupted

Recently, in an interview with Jimmy Flore, an American talk show host.

– Jimmy Palan asks you and Juda's law (a movie in a movie called Hammessersner) that's not played in one of the Harry Potter films or Lord of the Rings.

– or the game of the thrones !, Redmayne inaugurated, continues:

– When I arrived at the university, I went to Harry Potter. They came there, audition for Tom Winchester, "who can not mention whose name", he says, about the audit for assistant assistant.

– I did not even say three replies. But Judy and I were able to finish it, "he laughed.

The article below continues for the picture.

He has won numerous awards for his performance in Eddy Redmanon at Waldemorch Audition - The Oscars, including The Theory of Everting. Photo: Reuters / NTB scanpix
Great star: After performing at Eddy Redmein at Voldemort Audition, he has earned a number of theaters – including Oscar, in The Theory of Everting. Photo: Reuters / NTB scanpix
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The young bumpilby

The film was founded in the 1920s, such as the predecessor "Fafael, where to find it" (2016). Redmayne played Magigoologen Salamander Fisle, and Johnny Depp player Gleet Grindalvald was reluctant to fight.

Grindal Wald Dates agrees to Voldemort, in the first half of the twentieth century, the Rowling was the largest criminal in the universe.

The film is completed before Harry Potter. The characters and the characters of the books can be seen here. Alfus Hulnerger, a young man in the Judaea, was also among other things.

Eli Kinokte: the feudalistic bays: the grimes of grindwalvald
Kin octet: In the movie "The Fixtust Beys: The Grimes of Grindwald", a young boy was Jubilee's young man Albus Hamlesner: Photo: Warner Bros. PSP / AP / NTB Scanpix
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Jc The author of Huntri Potter books has previously confirmed that there are five movies in the "Fantastic Beasts" series. Grindal Waldz Crimes is the second in the series.

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