Wednesday , March 22 2023

Today's business believes that retirement is illegal media monitoring


The Dagens Næringliv (DN) case is filed against the Retriever Media Monitoring Service, because they believe the company has been illegally investigated.

Rantry also believes the distribution of media content, media archives, and media analysis of DN content in accordance with Medier24 is unauthorized.

We believe Ritter is becoming a media monitor as a media distributor and news agency. Writings exploited our content for their own benefit without a contract. The findings we have found are serious, and we are aware that the systematic firing of DN objects that are protected by law has been included in the retread, Chief Editor writes Amundam Diju DN in an e-mail on media 24.

The contract between the two companies fell in September last year. After a long discussion with the new deal, there was a clash between the two parties. News agencies believe that TT, NTV owned Retrree and DN Ritter are denying a new contract with opponents.

As a result, the DNA converts to Ritiviv to a media monitoring that does not require a contract. This form is legally binding and is based on long-term business practice. We apologize for a legal process, but in effect is much safer, boss Espen Viskjer To WaitWiki 24 on a mail.

DN's sister company Mynewsdesk is also a media monitoring service and a direct contender for Writers. RETTY believes that DN is more committed than an opponent and that Danny's double game works to promote their own business interests.

Will be present at the Oslo District Court in December.

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