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The only star of Joshua King Norway – Stephen Johansson is one way to thank him for his faith, and he has a good game


  • Cyprus-Norway, TV-2 on Monday. 20,45

Larnaka (ducklatt): Unhappy with Josh King, unfortunately he is not ready for this match. It's a weakening, but Larva Larbeck actually does nothing.

Landlassskeptin Stephen Johansson It was a weak fight against Slovenia, when it was missing in Fulham. An uncertainty to Cyprus is very clear, but the Nord National Team is a problem Can Do something about that.

He decides to leave it.

LARS LAGERBÄCK SLÅR Seven times in the last eight international games, Stephan Johansson has been shifted and their Friday night in Lubbana has become the weakest and most talented captain. Within 57 minutes, the Norwegian captain took over the captaincy.

He had most players caught.

Besides Place Norway Captain from Cyprus to Cyprus. Lahrbarke's argument is that Staffan Johansson knows what he knows and what he has achieved. Based on the Slovenia aggression is the best, neutral reality. Some argue that Stephan Johansson has collapsed in the first Nation League in September, when he argues against the first small stamp to work two years later.

Norway's captain gained two points.

"He was the captain," says Lugger.

Very few Since then, Stefan has played without Johansson's participation. In other words, the shape is not improved. Captain agrees that the missing game matches the match, and why he replaced (almost). But nobody says about the warShapeBetter, the difference between bad hats, interaction, and difference.

No theme.

LARS LAGERBÄKK LEGGER The siege of Stephen Johansson. There's a chance to pick up. It can be said of complacency. Lagerbäck / Johansen is also in the race to win the finals of the Fulham Reserve. The Norwegian Nations League is not going to compete in the group 3C, but the short and bright attitude of the Norwegian national team will be behind.

I had it Those who mean the fact that they do not play much in Norway. Hansen can be replaced by Olson. Within 20 months, the system captures all the way and repetitions.

It should be more important than who did it.

Most I still think so. As long as Larce Larbeke is the coach of Nekwan, it's almost always (like always) Hansen Can Olsen was replaced by the locals and the voice and the fear of the team's weakness. We saw that we had seen it in Lubaljana on Friday night.

A man can not be replaced.

Joshua King.

OLA camera started The reason behind Slovenia is one of the Norwegian counterparts that resemble King Josiah. That's fine, we thought. He is not near. He did not obey, but did a tick and did what was told him.

That's because he was not everything.

Joshua the king The Norwegian tip asked Bulgaria to achieve four yellow cards to bury. He combines the defense of an opponent in a completely different manner. He was Joshua King in the Premier League. He is also stronger, faster, and more tolerant. In short, Norway represents a big difference when it comes to playing Joshua.

Alla Karama, Bjørmor Mars Johnson or Alexander Sorillot.

None of them is king.

Elise before the start of Elisabeth Please try again. That's good. Bojor Mars Jones, a tunnel in Loblajana, is responsible for the damage. And Lagerbäck with Joshi King is not with Kala Kamara, and Alexander Sølloth he suffers a lack of playing time.

You can carry your hat.

I think it will be a camera.

We hope to get better.

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