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The former homebuilder believes in the pricing again in 2020


"I hope to have a 10 per cent housing price in Oslo in 2020, perhaps more than that," Selvag Housing Director Bardner Schumann says, Friday's Dognes Nguyenlev (DN).

Tuesday is much less than the proclamation he made. Social and economic analysis is expected to increase housing prices up to 5.5% over the next three years.

– Very few homes

Even Suman points to a number of factors that make a urine in the capital.

– The interest rate for the Norwegian bank is very violent. Yes, the interest rate will rise, but the wage growth rate will be raised. This will increase the price to reduce the price, he says.

Schumann estimates that the number of homes completed in 2020 is too low for high demand.

He tells DN how to get completed "homeless homes" in 2020. Schumann believes that only 8,000-9,000 homes can be built within several years in Oslo-dominated homes.

In November, the housing prices fell by 0.6 per cent

– The most dangerous thing I have ever seen

Another vision is chief economist Jan Ludwig Andersen. He goes against restraint by predicting a sharp decline in homes' prices over the next few years.

At the conference of the Norwegian Real Estate Association, he used his unique headline to be different.

"Today's housing market is the most dangerous thing I've seen in my life," says EC's chief economic expert, DN.

Not only does he believe that the interest rate against Normas will rise, Andresen also points to the population.

Inflammation: Chief economist Jan Ludwig Andersen predicts his home construction.

Inflammation: Chief economist Jan Ludwig Andersen predicts his home construction.

Tierz Pedersen
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The Norwegian head of birth and other European Union families are born, says the Chief Economist.

He pointed out that Norway had been abolished without immigration.

However, Andrassen has no clear answer when decline in housing prices, and he is very impressed with how long it lasts.

In September 2018, housing prices rose by 0.1 per cent

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