Tuesday , September 27 2022

Suspicious deaths in Averyøya – rbnett.no


One person moved to a house in Everovar on Wednesday night. By the time they arrived, they had a dead eagle. The threatened situation was 16.30.

– The condition is unclear. The incident has been detained. The police will investigate. The investigation will be done.

The NHR writes to prosecute the suspected deaths. On Wednesday night, police arrested NRK. Declined. They are not trying to explain the relationship between threats and the deceased's personality.

The policemen attorney Inger Ferrstad, the Mor a Magnum Ramsdal Police District, said the NRR would continue to investigate in the evening. Police say that nothing can be said of the culprit.

Arms police action

Operation manager Sindrell Molnes says, precisely, an unexpected threat would be encountered. At 18 o'clock, the policemen were armed when poisoned.

– We're looking for suspicious death. We do not know what we are facing, said Molnes NRK.

At a large police station, the reporter on the NRK's ​​site reports that dogs are outside.

At 20.28, the police wrote: "The police have not received much information regarding the finding of a dead person, as soon as new information is available, we will immediately resume the case."

Anxiety message

According to Molnes, the relatives of the deceased are not being informed.

The scene is forbidden. Police will investigate and investigate.

At 18 o'clock, when a tragedy went out of the report, the jaws were enhanced by the time the police were armed.

Considering the loss of the crisis, the municipality is considering

The complaint was filed by Counselor Berit Hanasquik Averroi. But there are clear steps in the municipality's crisis.

"They are waiting for a message from the police, and we will follow our citizens and take care of them," said Hannesvick.

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