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Stars shine on "X-Men" and "Heirs Jersey" author


Holder: Stan Lee, who died on social media, was Jeremy Arnner, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson. Here they are
Holder: Stan Lee, who died on social media, was Jeremy Arnner, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson. Here they are from "Avenger" in 2011. Photo: Zade Rosenthal / The Walt Disney Company Nordic


Stan Lee in cartoon series dies Now he is known for the stars that have starred many stars that gave birth to him.

Published: Updated: 13.11.18 05:57

Stan Lee, a writer and editor, was able to build a lot of super heroes at Maveli when he was 95 years old. According to Hollywood Reporter Along with their super powers, the heroes are known to have their own identity. He was both written by AD. The editor was. Most of them edited Marvel comics and stripes.

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Stan Lee in the cartoon series has passed away

Spider-Man, Black Panther, Aard Man, and X-Men are behind the superheroes. He was a co-director of many of the paintings in Cannes. Like director Alfred Hitchcock's, many of the movies have been created about his creations. Heroes & # 39 ;, or small gourmets & # 39; There was. Tuesday's Norway celebrated the dead of stars, fans and colleagues.

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Cartoon legend Stan Lease, a former manager of the police investigation

Chris HomesworthAmong those expressing their sorrow, which showcased the subject of many Maeel franchise films:

"Stay in peace, my friend, take over your stories and thank you for incredible hits, my love and support goes to all your friends and family," he adds.

Ryan Reynolds, who starred in two "Deadpool" films, wrote on Twitter:

"Father, peace, rest, thank you all

The FIG Hollywood Scarlett Johansson, who introduced Black Widow to a number of films, says:

"In the Milky Way galaxy, we got a new star, we all know a small part of the universe that is a legendary dream artist and a real artist.

She shared two photos on Twitter.

Huey Jackman, known as Wolverine, created a series of himself and himself in numerous films from the Marvel universe. Additionally, manufacturers like Instagram and Twitter wrote:

"We lost an incredible crease, and Stan Lee was a great force in superhero-novices … I'm proud to be a part of his statements … helping him to give one of his characters …"

Chris Prote, who plays the main character in "Gallery's Guardians", writes "Instagram"

"Thank you all, Stan Lee, life is very good, I feel lucky to have seen you and playing in the world you created."

Captain America, Chris Evans,

"There will never be a new Stan Lee, he has for decades given adventure, strength, comfort, selfishness, motivation, strength, friendship and happiness to young people and elderly people, and he has shown love and kindness and has made it unmistakable.

Jeremy Renner, also known as Lee Hayek,

"Take your rest in peace, you're a legend, my friend!"

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