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Our community assignment is also presenting in Norway


Language. Norwegian traditions are also responsible for the Norwegian, Career Teresa Garter West Westham and Helen Eagle Idi.

We read Interest The article in På Høyden (13.11) was published between UiB researchers at Norwegian Digər. English. We have comments in this regard, and we believe many Uwebi researchers are actually writing in Norwegian. For example, we have a social assignment to make more researchers in this way. Professional education has a responsibility to approach Norwegian professionals. We'll be in mid-December as part of a new conclusion called "Norway's Norwegian Curriculum Service Knowledge-based Criminal Procedures". Norwegian professional engagement is aimed at Norway.

If you take our social assignment seriously, you will write in Norwegian.

Career Theres Gardener Westhim and Helen Kegergard Aid

If so Lindstrøm claims that researchers are writing in English because "publishing in Norwegian is pseudo-stupid," which can only be sad. "This is where you are publishing a merit merit and publishing and publishing the best where you are, if you're in the system's loop, you should write in English, academic" currency "," high level international articles "…" This is a disturbing right. Many Norwegian-speaking researchers address the audience. Because they want to report a message. Mere instructions are a sincere desire to introduce new guidelines and new knowledge. Of course, researchers can be considered working in publications, and in some cases, English language journals and publishers are the only way to turn people into interested, professional. But if we take our social appointments seriously, we will write in Norwegian (CF 7).

It's either Or, the researchers in the Psychology section will finally write in English. Norwegian language, to be published for individual researchers are still for individual researchers, because they are not good enough to write in the English language, it does not want to do, or to reach an international audience, not only prayasamillenn, maintained and communicating knowledge, it is important to develop more in the Norwegian language and develop language And frugally. To say it's worth the English publications for Norwegian researchers and other readers. Was not it responsible for sharing knowledge and improving the traditions of the Norwegian language?

Sweden Especially for Denmark, English language and words have a profound effect on the daily language. Fortunately, we have a language policy in the Norwegian language, which prevents an English language very strongly in a daily language. It is more responsible and researchers to care for language. Bergen University has a responsibility in this way. The Principal of UiB Dag Rune Olsen believed that the English Language Masters program did not apply as a rule.

We need it We will not be born blindly, expecting to see the way we go.

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