Sunday , April 2 2023

Norway Norway's World Cup venue – NRK Nordland – Local News, TV and Radio


We have the best opportunity to bring alpine world cup to Norway. When we decided on ski resort, the vessel Eric Rouge said.

Narwick had long been a favorite. He was appointed as the candidate of the working group of Swaydee Confederation before taking the final decision.

The reasons for the Board emphasize the following arguments:

We have not concluded that anyone thought World Cup is right. We chose to think of the idea that we can succeed at competing internationally.

More risk for selecting a folklore

"But it is determined that Narevik is a strong candidate.

Huffjal and Quidditch have been organizing for years of the World Cup, rather than organizing Nervik. NM was organized in 2017.

Economically, when the NARVIC World Cup 500-600 million kroner, compared to just 100 million kroner in Huffjal and Quiddjelly, there was a big difference between the challenges. Due to economic plans for the championship, it was crucial to the election.

On the other hand, London Committee recommendations emphasize the importance of logistics. Narvik has an atmosphere at intervals between Harjwal and Quitzél.

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