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Netflix refuses to warn viewers of “The Crown” – VG


Drama: Prince Charles is played by Josh O’Connor, and Emma Corinne plays Princess Diana. Photo: Netflix

The British Minister of Culture believes that the TV series is very much in conflict with the truth. Netflix does not agree.

The “crown” is a magnet for a great viewer, but it has received a lot of criticism for deviating too much from historical facts. After the recent introduction of the fourth season, the discussion intensified.

In November, Britain’s Minister of Culture Oliver Danden asked the streaming giant to warn and label each episode.

Netflix was slow about the case, but in a statement to the website Deadline, the streaming channel explained that they have always presented the series as a fictional drama based on real historical events.

«So, we have no plan – we do not see the need to issue a warning“, Reads the announcement, which the BBC also mentions.

The Minister of Culture fears that young viewers – those who were not born at the time – will believe that the work in the “crown” is more true than poetry.

The work of the new season was added in the early 1980s, perhaps the most turbulent period of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The story centers on the late Princess Diana.

Background: This is the new Diana

The Duchess, who married Prince Charles, 72, in 2005 in the wake of the fourth season, has hit out at Camila, 73, on social media.

Diana suspected her then-husband of being unfaithful to Camilla, but she did not hide.

The “crown” has brought life to this old scandal and the surrounding riots, and what is true and what is fiction is a matter of debate. The creator of the series, Peter Morgan, had previously defended the right to artistic freedom.

Diana was only 19 years old when she married the British heir to the throne in 1981. She died in a car accident 16 years later.

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Netflix has confirmed that “The Crown” has its sixth season this summer and that it will be the last.

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