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Natalie Portman, Moby – said they were boyfriends. Now he's flat

Moby-Dick (53), who last week claimed to have links with actor Nadine Portman (37), created great news. She quickly went out, denied everything, but once again claimed to be in love with each other.

Moby then introduces "It Fell Ats". A book has been made clear. A 53-year-old man explains what could have happened 17 years ago, but now he is self-sufficient.

– The time has passed, I realized that the criticism against me based on my statements about Nathat is very true. I am convinced that I should mention her in advance of the book or not to respond to me without respecting her reaction and not to remind me not to remember. So he wrote in a big post.

– I appreciate the country for her intelligence, creativity, and animal husbandry activities. I hate her that I have created her and her family problems.

Moby claims more and claims that he is trying to honor everyone in the book.

– That's why I'm apologizing to the country and writing that I'm not pre-informed about others.

– I agree that for nearly 20 years, we agree that we will act differently and more responsibly and respectfully when we take into consideration our nearly 14-year age difference.

Emotion Speak: Natala Portman and Viola Davis speak in March of Women in Los Angeles, Calif. Video: CNN
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It looks red

After seeing the light of the day, Porman told her that she could get the chance to read the book before printing, so she could have done the right.

– The use of this story is very difficult to sell the books. This is not true, she tells Harper's Bazar.

The 37-year-old says he is met by 18-year-old Mobil.

– Since I was a fan, I went to a concert when I was in high school. When we met after the concert, we said we should be friends. He was working on a film star during the tour. So, Porman says, we met only once before we realized that he was an old man who was interested in his inappropriate manner.

– I was surprised when I heard a very minimal character I knew someone who was dating. After my memory, he was an adult, and there's a high school girl who was "devastated".

On the other hand, the portman claims that he does not actually speak and that they are actually dating.

Sorry: Moby-up makes Portman and others like Moby. Photo: NTB ScanPix
Sorry: Moby is sorry for the novel's portrayal. Photo: NTB ScanPix
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– We fell in love for a long time and we continued to be friends for a number of years. I love Natalie, I respect intelligent and activist, but I can not understand that, sincerely, she gets out of balance and twists the truth, Mobi writes.

Attempted the star's boyfriend

He argues, however, that it does not change the facts of their small short history.

«I went to the door and felt it was a misunderstanding or a joke, but Natalie Portman sat down and waited patiently. She looked with black eyes and said, "Hey," it's quite normal and we introduced each other."Says the book," Australian News.

«I was a bald, and Natalie Portman was a beautiful movie star. Still, she was in my dressing room and played with me"He writes, and rebuilds BBC.

Moreover, when she realized that she would not work, Moby wrote that she had tried to "become a natal lover for a few weeks". The musician explains: When she looked back she was comforting. Because this time he was facing acute concern.

«I thought I could tell her that my fears were not in a relationship, but one night she called me and told him"It continues.

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