Tuesday , March 28 2023

Maureenh F still will be punished


If Manchester United does not rape Manchester United, the British media announced it would win 3-2 against Manchester United.

The English Football Association believes that the TV camera was banned when maurinjo or pitch was dropped.

After appealing to Manchester United, Mourinho was invited to attend the event. F. The ESPN reports have been made after reading an independent committee dealing with the appeal
The BBC.

In relation to the appeal, the manager said twice: "You are the wrong guy." When translated into English, it becomes "sons of a harlot".

Manchester United used the language linguist and realized that this statement should be seen in a different context. In English means, "how hau" or "hell", in a good setting, that is not true.

If Hosseau Mourinho was sentenced, the English Associate would not agree.

Manchester United will be fielded by United Manchester Stadium if the appeal for FA has won.

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