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Last chance for young women who want a free HPV vaccine


In the last two years, 120,000 women received a free HVV vaccine. Hence the risk of cervical cancer is low. Offer will be rejected shortly.

Information from the National Vaccination Register (SYSVAK) has been used by 53 percent of the women who have passed the two-year vaccination program.

Women born in 1991-1996 receive vaccines that protect the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer. Since 2009, this vaccine is given to all girls in the seventh grade. But those who studied before school did not accept it.

Senior and Public Health Ox Michaelsen (Frame) rejoices.

– HPV vaccine saves life. Therefore, the Government Vaccine Program was initiated in 2016 and the girls born in 1991 or later provided a free HPV vaccine. Approximately 120,000 women have utilized this offer. It's very attractive, she says.

Three doses

The State Council recommends that the target group begins immunization in the month of December. This is the last chance to take the first dose before settling the system.

Dose 2/3 should be taken by July 1, 2019.

– You need three doses to get the best possible protection. If we have a longer vaccination wax, we will accept some questions if we have a longer dose of vaccination against doses. They do not need it. Project Manager Anita Daey has taken more time in planning vaccination for women.

– Best effort

The National Institute of Public Health (NPT) is offering vaccines for women in various districts and municipalities in addition to data from various countries.

"The municipality health service has done a great job and gave a 300,000 dose HPV vaccine two years ago to offer vaccination, including Torgendale's most vaccinated women, such as Torg Og Fjordan, Hortaland and Vijaya Dai.

Vaccine can be found in osteold, baskar, and axes.

90% of women who are not HPV during vaccination reduce the risk of developing canned cervical Celtic.

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