Friday , September 30 2022

Half of the women of Samy are also subject to violence


The survey by the Associate Professor of the Oslo Mete Asteroid Erikson Reverse University of Tromso (UiT) ClimatePampen writes that almost 50 percent of Samy's women across the lifespan are mental, physical and sexual.

According to NRK Sapmi, every fifth woman has been raped by a woman. About 12,000 women attended 25 municipalities in Tondellagal and northern Norway.

Simi's President Alya Kesitto criticizes the government for ignoring this issue. We met with several ministers, especially as they were waiting for the "violence" of the Samy communities. Keskitalo says that the sami communities are changing more than suggests that the problem can be solved.

"We need research to find out why we need central authorities to ensure that action is taken and executed," said Sami boys and boys, adding that they are raising violence with their friends and children.

Justice Mor Toll has replied to Ms. Mailal in a mail for the clean battle.

"We need to implement the projects we need before we start more projects, we have the steps we need – no more plans."

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