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Fear that ADHD children have got a wrong diagnosis – NRK Headmaster and Oppland – Local News, TV, Radio


Researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health find the document of 549 children below the age of 12.

The diagnosis in four of the 10 documents is not consistent with writing about the child of the journal.

"These kids can not confirm that they do not have ADHD, but reading in journals suggests that diagnostic criteria are not appropriate," says researcher Paul Suren.

Milk soren

Research: PL Züren and ten other researchers have read the medical records for ADHD children. Many would have no diagnosis.

Photo: Ola Hana / NRK

Doctors who are diagnosed with diagnosis often do not investigate detailed studies. One kid shows hyper activity, emergency, and concentration difficulties.

When scientists compare professional environments, there are major differences that can only be explained by different opinions on the ADHD diagnosis list.

In Western farmers, only 1.4 per cent children were found to be 12 years old. The headmark is about four times higher, 5.5 percent.

The most prone to diagnosis in the country

Hammer's budget welcomes kids welcoming children from difficulties that ADHD may refer to.

Bulbe Hammar, head of the Ewweded Asan section

Approval: When Ingvild Svenkerud arrives at the AMD diagnostics they say it will be better Bachelor Asen at Hamar.

Photo: Lars Eric Skerfood / NRK

They search and migrate issues, talk with your children, and keep tests with parents and teachers. They then evaluate the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Some kids are taking medicines.

Head of BUP headmaster Ingvild Svenkerud Aesen, who comprises most ADHD diagnoses in the country. They are in front of ADHD before investigating for other reasons.

She tells them that they are going to improve now.

– Diagnostics of ADHD is discrimination. Insufficient coordination and difficulties There are many children without ADHD.

The professionals are fighting

Psykologist and former baby councilor, Reader Hijermann believes that ADAD Diagnoses are available to many children in Norway today.

Raider Herman, Psychologist

REIDAR HJERMANN: – ADHD diagnosis can hide difficult things in the lives of children.

Photo: John-Andre Samuelsen / NRK

He knows a few examples of ADHD symptoms that the professionals had considered.

– ADHD diagnosis has the most difficult things for children. Responsible adults should disclose what is happening at home instead of what is in the children.

Hjermann says that a diagnosis can result in a diagnosis of wrong reasons, and this will place them in the stalls and affect their selfishness, and if they stop the diagnosis then they will avoid certain tasks with safe clearance.

Medications can have side effects, and in some cases children are "flat".

"As we have spent a lot of children's population over a few decades, we decided to know about the time we live in, and given a diagnosis that created more problems than help them," Hermann says.

Shan R.

Children within Pillar: Relin is one of the medicines used in other relief measures.

Photo: Lars Eric Skerfood / NRK

Calls for explicit guidelines

Researchers at the National Institute of Public Health say that experts in the country today need more clear guidance than that. Need An ADHD diagnosis must exist.

"ADHD is a disease diagnosis that usually challenges silence, and you are more careful in your investigations," says Paul Suren.

He did not know if he was too old to ADHD diagnosis every day, increasing the difficulty with children and the failure of vitamins.

"We're worried that the diagnosis is correctly used and the children that it's got are right," says Suren.

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