Wednesday , September 28 2022

Diabetes can save the fingers, legs and life


About one million people are diabetic in Norway. They have a lot to prevent heart attacks, stroke, eye and kidney damage. There are eight injuries every day.

Should we have trouble with more and more investigations? Yes, one leg of one leg was injured in the diabetes.

And they were healed in their feet. Wherever they lay their feet, they become unstable. This raises the risk of waterfalls, brakes and other injuries. It increases the risk of diabetic ulceration that may last a long time to grow.

Diabetic calc ulcer is a sign of more complicated treatments and is an increase in the possibility of death.

The risk of dying has doubled

We have researched the population of Nord-Tr√łndelag. This is likely to die twice as diabetes compared to other diabetes patients in California. Compared to diabetes, there is a risk of 40% more risk.

The challenge is not to predict which diabetes affected by diabetes. It is important to examine everyone, including three quarters of nerve damage, so there is no similar risk for the footprints.

When the nerve in the foot is damaged, diabetes does not notice that a stone is in the shoe or heats the wounds or heated the bath.

As a result, more than a thousand people in Norway suffer from diabetes. This is likely to be a diabetic patient. About 3% of people with diabetes experienced this. These wounds are often affected by adverse bacteria that require the treatment of broad spectrum antibiotics in several weeks. And when it is resistant to antibiotics, and in Norway, this is a situation that should be avoided.

Each year, about 500 hundred organs carry the toes and legs, and the wounds do not grow because of this bed. Emotional and physical costs are very high for the sick and their families.

Similarly, the isolation, disability, and multiple legs are expensive for society. Due to the shortage of diabetes, one of the main causes of dietary suction croup. It does not get the attention it deserves.

One must be checked at least once

To prevent this, diabetes should allow their legs to be checked at least once every year. There is every reason why it is not already practiced in Norway.

The National Diabetes Directorate of National Direction states that diabetics should check their legs every year. But this was not a regular one. Our study proves that heart disease outside the immune system is particularly males and people.

Who helps prevent colon ulcer, number of fungal, and mortality?

In addition to the annual survey of professionals in healthcare, it is important that the person examine his legs. Use a mirror in the bathroom floor. Check whether there is a stone in the shoe. In addition, home nursing, photo therapists and orthopedic engineers (who adjust the shoes and shoes).

Loud legs, vigorous feet, swollen spots may not have a sexy theme. But after some time, our subjects must have some attention. So – on November 14 World Diabetic Day: Get your feet on the table! Ask your health care provider to check your legs in annual diabetes!

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