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Black Friday 2018 – We are considering some black day offers


Should we be the least of the year, what if the ad is based on what we say?

It's a black week every week – it's all day black and white days … or no: Cyber ​​Monday ends next Monday.

But if you consider shopping this week, keep your paws directly, if you consider shopping this week, the many price comparison services will be mentioned online that are actually some of the expensive products during Black Friday.

Some of the products that are advertised for black weeks are now selected from some popular product categories for this sale, whether they are big deals or if they are actually cheaper than before.

Here are a few examples of promises you can find – be sure to review the best deals or find out how to find it.

If you have tips to offer a good or good Friday Friday, do not be afraid to ask questions (t)

Viking mountain boot

The Viking Classic 150 GTX Mountain Boot G-Max advertise the front page. They promise to give a 2,999 Kroner gift. An offer price of 1,499 chronor. says that this is not the highest price in the first half of August, since these shoes were 2,999 chronos.

Is this a bargain? These shoes do not get you cheaper now – but it's not worth the half of the market price.

WING CLASSIC 150 GTX Mountain Boot: Price drop down and down - 2,000 kroner. From the beginning of November until the price went up. But as you can see from the prize draw from the month of August:
VIKING CLASSIC 150 GTX Mountain Boot: The price dropped down to 2,000 chronicles – until the price in November rose. But since you can see from the prize draw from the month of August, this is because it's close to being a "pre-price". Screenshot: price rise
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CariVravas Super Invarorum

The Kari Traa is definitely set on the set-impression kit in G-Max at NOK 299 set. Price starting at NOK 799

According to prisjakt's price estimates, the average price for this set is 325 calories, as you can see from the graph below, that it has long decreased in the preceding era of 299 and below.

Is this a bargain? The 299 chronor is cheaper than this set. But it's time between the periods to give you "7" churn price for 799 chronicles.

KARI TRAA SJLVSAGT: Price in recent months. At least NOK 799 set
Curry Tracey Selection: Price rise in recent months. At least not the "normal price" of the NOK 799 set. Screenshot: price rise
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Galaxy Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S7 Power, a monthly offer called 2,499 chronos, was named as "Save 1,051 Kronor", and 3,550 Kronar, the price index on November 3. This offer is limited to 3,000 phones, which are not limited to subscription.

Is this a big thing? According to the price tag, this model is not sold at very low prices. As you can see from the bottom of the graph, the price in October fell to 2,950 chronols – it reached 3,500 in November. But keep in mind that this is a model since 2016 – you will not get Android updates – but you will receive security updates. This means that you may have issues with working experience that do not support updates.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S7: Pubic Friday received Rs 2,499. Black Friday is offered every Friday. But since 2016 this model will not receive its software updates. Screenshot: price rise
SAMSUNG Galaxy S7: Black Friday offers a weekly price of $ 2,499 a public release. But understand that this model is in 2016 and you will not get the software updates anymore. Screenshot: price rise
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Dishwasher in cooking

3,999 Siemens also offers Siemens Diskvarcher power – a savings of 4,000 chronometers. The model, of course, is something as intriguing as the SN457W03IS.

Is this a big thing? Since it is indicated by various confusion in various electronic stores – how difficult it is to distribute the distribution materials and other appliances – making it easier to find the same product. But in principle, you can find similar products by searching for the exact product code. This product is the only power we see. It should be noted that this is a stand alone dishwasher and that it is completely semi-transmitted, and most important.

The latest is the Galaxy S9.

PlayStation Sterility?

The Sony Playstation 4 Slim will be announced on 500 GB on Tuesday. The price is 2,222 cronar – the price will have to save 460 chronos at this price (price of 2 is 2 nos, 2,690 nos).

Is this a bargain? Now if you are considering price increases, this is definitely the cheapest product you can buy. In January, the number of chronicles was 2,290. The average price of the summer is 2,690. The price is on November 15th.

Downloads from PlayStation 4: show a jump on November 15th. But the price of 2,222 Kronar is surely bargaining, based on price charts. Screenshot: price rise
PlayStation 4: Price jumps from will show a jump on November 15th. But the price of 2,222 Kronar is surely bargaining, based on price charts. Screenshot: price rise
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It's just a collection of offers now. Are there tips for purchases that you think are the best bars for the black Friday? Or a bad purchase "offers" do you have tips? Tip us at tips (to) at

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