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Before January 2, Bilwives did not come to Jendlen Glama


Hitler's Dagbatale (47) shot himself. The body of Jammu Jumlant (36) took place on December 30th between December 30 and 02:00 from the Night Wide Bird in Glama,

Today, the certificate came to court, and explain why this explanation is not possible with the prosecution.

They believe that Janie Gemlend handed over to Eid Al-Buuor before January 2. Four days later, three days after he was shot, he released it. This analysis is based on traffic data from mobile phones and mileage registered in three cars.

– There is no alternative

Broadcasted and distributed: Swami and Jan Jimlett. Photo: Private
Contract and Destruction: Swam and Janie Gemlet. Photo: Private
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– Did not she be able to ship to before January 2?

"If you have reported the mileage reports of the car, there is no alternative before January 2," attorney general told Iris Straus Dambladdet.

– What happened at this time?

"We can not tell you," she said.

After a break, if someone had lived with him on January 2, he had questions from his own defender Chris Felmann Johansson.

Yes, no. N. (A close friend, journalist) was with me. He slept and was there everywhere. He lay on the bed in the room. I slept in the kitchen Sofa, and told the Jemland Court.

Man has clearly stated that when Jann Jemtland was in despair he was asleep in the Gemlund.

Yesterday witnesses witnessed in court. Before they got there, they were eager to drown in somewhere else than in Jain Gemlunde Glama.

State Advocate: Iris Stories. Photo: Hans Arnaud Vedlog / Dagbladet
Attorney: Iris Stories. Photo: Hans Arnaud Vedlog / Dagbladet
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Police officer Richard Hansen reported in Cricpia for an analysis of the vehicles and mobile phones of the Head Mark District.

Confirms traffic data

There is no time available for cars in the current days. The police officer responds in response to the fact that someone was driving before and after midnight.

If you ask Gemleng's son, the phone will be used. Svenin Jemtland replied in person to the court.

On December 29, a man was asked to buy a car. Finally, they agreed that JimLandland would use a car with a normal mate.

On the same evening, Jimtand said that he had landed at the Huntai Santa Fe Hotel and threw the corpse into the river. He must have fled to a forest area and threw a gun before returning to Bromandland. This is not possible based on calculations.

In Thailand

On January 2, he was asked to buy a car in Thai. This is the owner of Hundai. The car should be opened with the keys of the normal mate's house.

Trying Pistol: Before she died, she shot and shot her in a gun. Her husband, Sweev Jamendlul, is charged with murder. The weapon is currently being tested in court. Reporter / Video: Trym Mogen / Dagbladet
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In Thailand, they raced 161 km on January 2.

"Rit trip is just the day when Eid broke car in the car," police officer Ricard Hansen said.

But the use of the car is unclear. Svein Jemtland says that Jamel's body was taken to the Eid Bouquet and stayed on the night after the December 30 deadline.


But on December 29th, 30th and 30th, the police officer's calculus does not keep away from the category of cars.

"January 2, 2018, was a long way from Hundi to cross the Eduro Brooke," a police official said.

The phone track of Smith Jamlann's phone shows that morning morning at in the morning at Broomstadt City Center, He is questioned at Brumandal from January 2 to 11.16 to 16.27.

That afternoon, the phone to Svein Jemtland is safe for police.

Build snapchat videos in court

Traffic data analysis includes mobile phone conversations, phone positions and other electronic data.

Svein Jemtland explained that traffic policemen did not leave mobile phones until December 29 last year. Jena Jelling's phone was broken near the Boundary Center. The incident happened at 5.30 am.

An account with Wednesday and other accounts was in the arrest of Shevn Gumplete, an inquiry officer, and former Ringler Sheriff Terz Crossstad.

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