Thursday , September 29 2022

Bank Norway Equity Owner – Stock Exchange and Finance


17:30 Updated: On Wednesday afternoon their customers informed you that in emails, sales have now been completed by Archie Securities. Exactly how much stock did not come to an end.

Arctic Securities acquired an opportunity to sell 7.8 million stake in Norwegian Finance Holding, also known as Bank Norwegian.

This is reflected in a stock exchange announcement on Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, based on the stock-based price, it will be allocated for a sale of $ 570.96 million, but will depend on the price you can make.

The company owns 4.2 per cent of the total shares.

He does not think this is the owner. Nevertheless, there are not many alternative alternatives, such as the Norwegian (Airlines), Falkerbergfound, and the Perlis Hedge Fund (bank bankers). Vote in the annual general meeting of December. The second is the double list of stocks in London.

We do not know this. "We do not sell nonfaff shares," said Norwegian Lawyer Lassi Sankekar-Nielsen.

The fastest book making process takes place soon, it will start soon, and end at 08:00 noon 08 noon.

Last year, the Norwegian airline had bought for a non-bank loan in two rounds. In June, the figure was down from 17.5 percent to 16.4 percent in December. However, the company maintained 20% financial burden through stock-frame contracts (called TRS contracts).

The seller will not sell at least for three months

Arctic Securities has now been recognized as a lockup for the rest of the "Financial Investor" that sells shares in the sale of sale, that is, after three months of remaining remaining on the remaining shares.

Basically, one shares should be subscribed to 100,000 euros (961,000 kronor), and the offer is meant for professional non-professional investors.

Brokerage House pointed out that Bank of Norway has almost doubled over the past two years. When book equities grew 140% in one year, the share prices fell by 23% in the same period.

– Broccage House writes a very interesting risk referee ratio here.

Banking's Norwegian stock gained a strong competition when the results were posted in the third quarter of the third quarter. Then the price went up. Bank Management opened the competition in the consumer credit market.

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