Thursday , February 9 2023

Apple Case – Apple – Stock Exchange and Finance


Apple lost 2.84 per cent on stock exchanges. On Friday it was down to 6.63 percent. This is the worst thing in four years.

As a result, stock fell to 9.40 per cent after Thursday's closing stocks.

Apple's net profit was 2.91 dollars in the fourth quarter. It was $ 2.07 a year ago.

MARKETS MARKETS MARKETS Stock Markets The technology sector has been weakened in a new direction.

During the closure, the developments are as follows:

  • The Dow Jones index rose 0.76 per cent
  • The S & P 500's growth was 0.56 per cent
  • Nasdaq fell by 0.38 percentage points

Sources: iPhone XR traces

The Nikkei Asian Review also announced that Apple will be offering Apple's iPhone to sell its products. Unknown sources of the case say that the fax maker Faxcon will build about 100,000 phones per day.

– From Foxconn, they have identified 60 production lines for Apple's XR model. One of the site sources says that in the past, they have only used 45 production lines, and the company's top consumer is not ready to produce much.

Apple's role is down again

The report of the weekly report by CNBC writes that Rozenblatt Securities, a brokerage house downgraded the recommendations of Apple's Apple.

Market disappointment is the second major trend in iPhone manufacturers.

Apple lost three per cent on Wall Street. The stock has fallen by 9.5 per cent since Thursday.

Since Rosenblatt's recommendations are moderately recommended from previous purchases, Apple will be adversely affected by weak sales revenues at higher prices.

On Friday, Bank of America slashed the recommendations of Apple.

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