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– Ambrose Mart should be sent home – VG


Colding / Oslo (VG) Russia professional coach Ambrose Martin (52) violated Corona’s strict regulations at the European Handball Championship on Saturday night.

TV2 Denmark’s camera captured Saturday night that Russia’s Spanish coach Ambrose Martin had smashed the red zone.

– Corruption, thinks Ole Erwick. TV3, ViaPlay’s experts are in the cold, and believe that there is no mercy in one of the best coaching profiles of women’s handball. The Spanish Martin has previously coached the gear with great success.

– I do not understand why Ambrose Mart should be sent home. I do not know what the EHF is, but if it’s not a violation of the rules, I do not know what the violation of the rules is.

– Even the gods fight against wit and wit. I don’t understand that it is possible, he says.

TV pictures show Martin having an affair with a man in the blue zone. He walks past the barrier to have a conversation with Denis Bogomolov, General Secretary of the Russian Handball Federation.

– This is not reconciliation. It’s hair growth, and Erevik believes he has played 184 international matches for Norway and a long career in international handball.

His fellow TV3 commentator Daniel Haglund also responds:

You can also see them taking each other by the hand in TV movies. The General Secretary was not wearing a mask.

The European Championship has strict corona guidelines – in which players and coaches must always remain in their red zone and not in contact with others.

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Some guidelines in the Corona protocol are:

  • Upon entry, all participants must present a maximum of 72 hours of negative coronary examination.
  • All participants are re-tested when they arrive at Biland Airport.
  • Players are taken directly to hotels and isolated in hotel rooms until negative test results are obtained.
  • All that is tested is the so-called “bubble” throughout the championship, where they do not come into contact with people outside the bubble.
  • Everything in the bubble was tested at a maximum interval of 72 hours.
  • The inspection is conducted on a private basis and does not affect the public health service.

Thus, the corona troubles continue in the championship: the violation of the law does not come for long Two Serbian players tested positive for the virus. The Romanian squad was also affected by the disease.

The European Handball Federation has filed a lawsuit against the Russian Federation.

– We are not happy about this. We have worked hard to establish the rules for the European Championship tournament, and we have made it clear to all participating countries. As a result, EHF Secretary General Martin Haus Schletner told Danish TV2 that we would take action on the two. The Danish TV channel received a statement from the Russian Federation:

– Ambrose Martin had a brief conversation with the Secretary-General, who had a negative coronet examination. Anyway, the Russian national team has no training today and the player remains at the hotel. The results of our tests are coming out tonight. We have no further comments on this.

– TV3 expert Ole Erevik points out that the coach, general secretary and coach must know the rules and what the rules are.

Per Bertelson, chairman of the Danish Handball Association, had previously stated that the slightest violation of the red bubble was a violation of the Corona protocol.

– You are sure to lose your accreditation and send the player directly home, Bertelson said before the European Championship.

A national team manager and general secretary should see if this applies.

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