Friday , September 30 2022

AF Group with effective results


In the group

The AF group continues to grow. The turnover of the AF segment is MNOK 4 536 (3 399) in the third quarter. 33 per cent growth over the previous year. Growth was great in organic matter.

The profit before tax was MNOK 313 (232) in Q3. This is 6.9% (6.8%) in the third quarter.

In October, the AF Group issued a letter to buy 70 per cent Helgnesen Tech bag and AS (HTB) and buy 70% shares in HMB Holding AB (HMB). HMM operates commercial buildings and housing in Stockholm / Melardan, Dalarna, Vasman, Appaland, and Gasrich.

– The AF group continues to grow. The manufacturing business had a growth rate of 65 per cent over the previous year. There are many important projects in production. At the end of the quarter, the new E39 Christiana Sand is the final contract for the design and construction of West in the West – Mandal East. The value of MNOK is 4 700 excl. VAT. This is the single biggest contract in AF history. This agreement gives you the opportunity to develop the skills developed by the E18 Trivandrant -andland Project's users and partners, "says AF Gruppen, CEO Morton Grossstad.

In the group

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