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Victoria's Secret Models 2018: New York Godwalk Show for Sale in 2018


2018 Victoria's Secret Holiday Special will be able to see the annual Victoria Secret Fashion show of fans on December 2.

In the host countries of the famous brand, the legendary Angels entire models. Famous models including the famous Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid will be added.

Who are the messengers of this year's windwalk held?

The internationally-known Lounge company has announced the lyrics of this year's show,

The housewife alpha hocc is the one that leaves the list. Attuelier Sarovsky designed and priced at £ 767,000 ($ 1 million).

Adriana Lima, Alessandro Ambrosio and Kandis Swan Pollo were selected to wear Victoria's Secret wings.

Bellin Prince – Those who returned this year after a three-year break – again as an angel on the runway, with Jasmine Tux, Josephine Skyward and Layis Ribeiro.

The current Victoria Secret Angels are Martha Hunt, Roma Straige, Sarah Samoa and Stella Maxwell.

The last angel in this year's lineup is Taylor Hill, which is selected for the show's forthcoming show.

But this is the only example that participates in an incredible fashion program.

Victoria's Secret Executive producer Ed Russak is sure to show fans the 60 best models from all over the world.

So, who are the stunning models known to have carve out?

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55 players say they do not have a catch on social media.

Maya Cotton, Lauren Rai and Isha Hodges also feature Harita, Alana Walton, Kelsi Merit and Sadie Newman in the first month of this year about VS Catlakek.

Meli Tio, Cheyenne Maya, Yasmin Vijnlund and Mitral Bold and some of the newcomers joining the VS Runway regulars.

This is the list of models to join the VZ fashion show this yearCasing for fashion gonna rogue:

Grace Elizabeth


Maggie's line

He is sued

Georgia Fowler

Devon Windsor

Herith Paul

Estelle Chen

Barbara Milk

Alexis Graham

Shannina Sheikh

Liam Anderson

Annna Arrington

Lomeca fox

Megan Williams

Glly olive oil

Riverine Leopold

Barbara Fealho

Frida Asen

Kelly Gayle

Cindy Bruno

Jordana Philips

Grace bol

Audan Curtis

Tony Garon

Ming Xi

Jiji Hadid

Bellah Hadid

Kentucky Gentor

Kelsey merit

Saadi Newman

Vinci Harlow

Allan Walton

MIA cotton

Lauren Rai

Isha Hodges

Melia Tiacoh

Yasmine Wijnaldum

Cheyenne Maya

Mit Bolt

Islada Moreara

Sophie Rowenstein

Josie Cancío

Saba Koj

Mayoa Nicholas

Handmade hand

Decke Tote

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