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The researchers are suspecting the relationship between the cscson's births, excessive thickness and asthma


Auckland researchers have shown that children born in the Cesarean section are overweight in asthma and children.

This is more commonly known about bacteria or bugs, as well as what is best for our health.

One third of all adults in New Zealand are obese. On the day of schooling, one third of all children are overweight and obese.

The researchers at the Oakland University's Ling Ling's Institute are now suspected of having good flora, microbium and obesity.

Researcher Wayne Kaffield states that the cesarean section is more likely to be inflamed than the birth.

The babies born in the cesarean section reveal Amma's fertility and micronutrients. But in that distribution process, "Prof Katfeld said.

"Before the birth of the babies, they are relatively sterile and the early colonization of these microorganisms is very important."

Children born in the cesaric section are not going to show their mother's microorganisms, and their huts are low in the bacterial population of the environment, and that too with less health, and that is why the cause of the cesarean relationship [birth] 30 per cent of children are more likely to have obesity, and in fact 30 percent are more asthma. "

Immediately after birth, we examine whether the g-bacterial bacteria between the C-segment children who are given a small sum of their mother's microorganisms and the c-

"When the kids are born, how much is their stomach acid? It is separated from the mother's sperm vagina – separating them from the vagina and giving them to the baby, Prof Katefield said.

Adults were very acidic in the stomach and it would kill such bacteria.

"But a few hours after the birth of a baby, the gastrointestinal tract is not acidic, the bacteria swallow and the intestines we desire."

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health, there were 16,423 C-class births. The percentage of celestial segments in this election increased by 12.6 per cent from 10.3 per cent in 2008.

Many other twin babies were born as per C-section. In these circumstances, the twins were twinned through groups of boys with registers.

"If studies are positive, the treatment of mothers is a twist and simple if microbium is improving and improving the health of both physically and asthma."

One of the 20 patients in a single sid enters a process called a "seed". The baby is transferred to the baby after the birth of a microbium. This is a swab technique: "The baby is usually liable to remove the limb within half an hour and the baby's nose and mouth, lips, ears, eyes and the parts of the baby try to enter the body of the child."

The learners thought about it and wanted it strongly.

The bacteria like e-coli, group B streptococcus can be associated with the mother's subtle liquid fluids.

"I do not think there is any harm in it, and there are advantages, so I think there is no reason to do it because there is no harm," he said of the "sowing" procedure.

Auckland's mother and health professional agreed to call Susan "Susan", two and half years ago for the first child of the baby. 10 days ago for health reasons for the birth of his second child.

"I can not control a lot about the birth of my children, but I made this a kind of contribution, it made a difference," Susan said.

She said the two children were in good shape.

"I think they are wonderful, but it seems difficult to tell whether they have any impact on the sowing, but that's just one thing, they were born."

In the children who are treated from the C-categories, the bacteria are different for babies within 15 months. Cutfeld said.

However, the C-sections will not be known for up to five years.

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