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The Great Kiwi Beak off: All this is wrong


Welcome back around with another backdrop what happened to good evening Bake – Who did this?

Night Episode:

It's the best week of our lives, the broad wake.

Honestly, if you believed in heaven, you would like every week to be a place where you want a week, you need to breathe after the baggage, you can not use your jeans, and even a painful lie. It's a beautiful feather.

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Abigail Daugiri / Stuff

The hosts of "The Great Kiwi Break", "Madelini Sami" and "Healy Spool" will pronounce the details of all the flaws.

There is a challenge here on the ground, making a challenge for the apartment, something that looks like a sparkling whore and what Google says is a unique bread in the Jewish diet.

The baker continued to have a small relationship across the episode. Lindesay Lohan-in-Miccones sweep when they indicated.

As a non-Jewish person, I was not sure whether this was a problem or not, and after watching YouTube videos I'm still not clear – so when you're a judge, the shabby is in your court, Shababat Shalom.

(They have to make a lot of problematic scones, all good.)

And not only who they know who is the only person who finds it terrible, who uses a frame of baker? It seems to be literally their tombs. Discuss.


I have done this weird photography intentionally, so you can celebrate this festival.


I have done this weird photography intentionally, so you can celebrate this festival.

In today's episode, Kly reappears on a runway, taking an unusual popesy printed shirt. However, when I give him small roots of his baking abilities, I know that you are actually here, we will go here.

The judges said this week had gone from "rail squares" (look in his shoe, no joke).

He also created cinnamon, date, and sick pimples. But I was inspired to buy a cinnamon pinwheel from the cinnamon.

Unfortunately, it was the root of Clay, but the judges said it was "not as bad as I saw."

He made some pumpkin, spinach, feta scones but judges insides too much was too wet and honestly felt me ​​sick.

However, Clauss' s skin was so happy with this episode that he was like the Teletubbies sun. He drinks much water, has such gentle insides, but I consider it to be a good way but by a scone.


Vanessa, very quickly.


Vanessa, very quickly.

This is one of the best liners in this program, but it is only one character with the perfect square, but I'm so black about it because my favorite contestant Vanessa returned home.

We were amazed, but she was just worse news from the chalagan. Oh yes.

When her scones turned dry AF, things looked worse. She "might have to get hurt, so only on the top of the zoo."

Yeah, sue do not play here. You can work, but your powder can not hide the rocks.

I was tricked into the tea section of the show (judges sitting and writing about Bake). The judges were hard pressed. Vanessa said she was a middle aged man. I personally view the temp word as an overview of the #basic over-used, which will be added to my inbound database.

After STT, Vanessa reveals that she is a firm home baker, and the competition has become more intense and she has not come up like a brio. She has been dismissed.

The best week of our life is the bread week. Who was shaken, and, behold, it was marvelous.


The best week of our life is the bread week. Who was shaken, and, behold, it was marvelous.

My first personal highlight of this episode of Vanessa (when I was expecting) threw an incredible shade near Pepper Anabel to get her bass challenging.

"You're so sad, you're not a star baker today."

My second highlight she said was: "I started following this thing after a couple of shampangi and I definitely would have done that."

Honestly you feel like a perfect shirt, text me if you ever want to make yourself a brilliant brunch for Lula WhatsApp if you want the best of you.


The sunflower crushed it.


The sunflower crushed it.

Sonali this year broke down, along with Star Bakery, her beautiful little chalaya and "beautiful scent" smokes. You girl gone.


Larissa had a lunar week this week, and her challenge was taken so badly that something went wrong, but Judges said that the eggs were eggs. I'm not personally baked or cooked because I like it to see so many mice.

A chicken is not a challenge, "said sorry about it.


Jeff had an ARGO break. He made a few cheese, cheese and bacon scones. There was a globally. The judges had something to say "voluntarily in his side". I do not think his best day.


It's a little dry because of the "loose weavers" in the final place of Han's move. It was the worst part and she was not really expecting the end to come, which is always hatching to see.


Of course, the school was the head girl.


Of course, the school was the head girl.

Yes, Anabel is a pet of such a teacher? If I were on this show, I would be mentally depressed because I had a bit of brat.

Of course she does absolutely perfect for this, superb shining challah and perfectly displacing private school. She already decides she's a tea girlfriend. Vividvis.


We all are stacy.


We all are stacy.

For me, Steez has become this episode. She agreed earlier to make her a rod. But I know how lover is her classmate.

Sadly, her theater is the second worst in such a day.

When tea, the judges say she slowly degrades from grace. Children next time a good future.


dear God.


dear God.

God, Joel is just a perfect slice. In this episode, wearing a soft denim shirt, like a hememon and a huntworth brother, wore a great deal. I'm from this heat and he gets the feeling that he knows it, and it's hot.

"Who knows what the test is?" (Who?) The seeds flow out from the outside, but the bag is nothing but bad stuff.

"My challaw was going on, I'm lucky in these technologies, and I have to do something."

Yes you make the right face. keep it up.

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