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Reduces speedboards: The decision will be delayed until the broad stadium takes decision


& # 39; Failed to change the Sponsor's Sports Sponsor's Auckland Counsel. Some people in the SPEEDway community say.

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& # 39; Failed to change the Sponsor's Sports Sponsor's Auckland Counsel. Some people in the SPEEDway community say.

The Auckland Council decided to take a decision on the removal of Speedway from the Western Springs. Until further discussions at the stadium.

When 29.9 million rupees were oppressed, a vote was made in the partnership of $ 10 million for the speed track and infrastructure.

But the vote is pointing to an amendment to end the discussion until a political discussion in the future of all stadiums, including the Eden Park, takes place.

After 94 years at the Oakland Council and the SPL, the speech expired on SPE venez in the spine when the Memorandum of Understanding (MOO) signed a deadline to go to Speakwe for Colin Dale Park 94 years later.

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Within a few months, the SPEEDWAY members came into the opposition when several prominent members appeared. Others said that they were "deceitful" manifestations. The Memos released from the parking budget of the city revealed the money.

Collin Dale Park has a cost of about $ 40 million.


Collin Dale Park has a cost of about $ 40 million.

Finally, last week, Collin Dale's spending has been increased almost three times, some companies have been asked to say "fit in cut of control" and mayor Phil Gogh "not satisfied".

The latest figures released by the Oakland Council's Finance and Performance Committee on Tuesday (Tuesday)

"Your figures seem to change in minutes," said councilor Daniel Newman.

"It's just wonderful to try to keep it."

Counselor John Watson called it "open discussions at night". We'll get all of the different recommendations soon.

"How can you believe it? I do not have faith in it."

Colin Dale Park will build a $ 11.5 million new plan. Private promoters will hire Sprint Promotions for 30 years.

The Auckland Council officials said that the MoU was present at the trial. For a basic design, it says it is 11.7 million dollars.

Other costs include more expensive designs, $ 20 million in design and 30 million dollars "perfect" design.

The entire "Designer" design has a $ 8.9 million "landlord" workshop for a total design of $ 38.9 million.

There are seven sporting codes and facilities available.

Colin Dale Park needs 8.9 million workers to decide on speedway, said the councilor.

"I'm not scared to invest in our park when we need it," Cooper said.

"Speedway removal has become a product for the reproduction of the park."

Counselor Wayne Walker asked whether a business case was introduced for Collin Dale. Acting Council Chief Financial Officer Mathew Walker said on this issue.

"Our investment is not coming back."

Members of the SPEEDway community talked about traveling to Colin Dale Park.

Wendy's Restaurant Boss Danny Lendy urges the council of millions of people in this sport, "stop and stay back" and take care to park the park away from Western Springs.

A speedway program will not be part of the central city, he said.

Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane have shocked Australian cities.

The last visited Sydney, he said, was "a crowd of 40 people."

"Do you want me to challenge me here? Challenge me, challenge me."

Spide's move to Colin Dale Park was Graham Stingring, president of the Spring's Driver Club in the west. It was an opportunity for sports to start a "clean sheet".

His commentators in western springs stand in favor of his driver.

Instead of going to Colin, he criticized an alternative criticism for going to the park. He also said two different sports competitions will be played on the same track.

"The two codes were transformed into a situation where they were alone."

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