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Hilton controversy: Bret Zangstoke's pastor of Fourn Houston


Brette Zngstack was sexually harassed by a young man who once thought that the baby was broken up.

Even if you see the pictures of Frank Houston, it can cause it to crack.

After 30 years of silence and shame, Zingstock has recently decided to move forward because he is tired of talking to others.

Sunday night fell 60 min Sengstock described the graphic details of what had happened since she was about seven years old, sharing her terrible story.

Hilton was the founder of Brian Houston's father, Frank Huston, a hysterist pear.

Decisions to deal with this issue Brian raised him as Assemblies of Gods when he was head of the Pentecostal movement.

media_cameraBret Sengstock decided to share his story in sixty minutes. Picture: Channel 9

As a young man, Sungstock said that Frank Houston was a royalty. He was the leader of the Assemblies of Lottery in New Zealand. When he visited Sandeep, it was like coming to the poppy city.

By the time he reached Australia, he was with Sengstock.

"He came into my room and lay on top of me," said Zingstock.

"I could not talk, I could not speak, I could not cry, I could not go back, I was calm and I could not breathe, I was scared.

"You're my golden girl, you're special." Now I've looked back at all of those things, and I'd like to vomit it.

"If you killed a child, you will take them all out of them, and there will not be any left."

Sexstoke continued to be up to age 12. But at 16 o'clock, she decided to tell her what had happened. And by her reaction he was broken.

media_cameraHe was emotionally remembered about the sexual abuse he suffered in Frank Hackens. Picture: Channel 9

"They do not want you to turn people back to hell and stop sending them to the church," he said.

She was "silent" without saying nothing about what happened after 20 years and she did not say anything.

Frank agreed to allow Houston to pay his $ 12,000 payoff to Songstock.

This incident has not been reported by police since Brian Houston's knowledge of Father's work in 1999.

Franz Houston died in 2004. In 2014, Shungstock's Royal Commission was unaware of his work until child abuse was abused.

Brian said that when he first discovered his father's pedophilia, Mr. Sengstock was trying to inform his father about the police.

media_cameraFranck's son Brian approached the Royal Commission for child abuse. Picture: Channel 9
media_cameraBrian is the leader of the Hill Church Church movement. Picture: Channel 9

The church suspended responsible for the recognition in Houston, France. Though he retired at the pension, nobody ceased intellectually.

In 2001, a letter to the members of the church was suspected of serious suspicion.

In that letter the Church described his actions as "a serious moral failure". They will learn later that they are criminals later.

Bryan said in an interview about criminal proceedings: "It was no doubt that it was a criminal act.

"Right or wrong, I really believed that if I called the police at that time I would take the victims out of front".

The Royal Commission wanted to compensate Senstock but did not succeed. Because Frank Afl injection was not possible to prove assemblies assembled in Australia.

Originally published as the poem of the church abuser for a young man

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