Wednesday , October 5 2022

Future Five New Zealand


Facebook wants to find your new friend, whether you want a new parental search for advice, new skills or research for personal development.

Social networking platform has launched a special feature on Facebook groups. This is based on a particular topic.

People over the age of 18 have their experience of contacting others on the Facebook group and helping them gain expertise.

It is the Facebook's head of Facebook products, Gabriel Cohen. This week the public was released to New Zealand.

Guidance program will benefit more than one member of existing communities, said Cohen.

"For instance, two mothers in the dragon have a transgender assistant to help each other by strengthening and supporting the mothers of the LDTQA children, helping a teenager raise the child from a soap and business coaching worker from a hobby from a hobby So Helped her to make thinning.

The group of people & # 39; Mentapper & # 39; on selected groups that are focused on parental, professional and personal development. Cohen points out that it will be available, so it will not be available in all the groups you have.

Mentorship features privacy and security for consideration – all interactions between mentors and mentures are visible only to each other. Reporting and Blocking features on Facebook are applied.

"Our goal is to build tools that help people get the help, and we hope that it will be easier for Mehabreb to build relationships that help them achieve their goals," says Kohen.

The Facebook Mentorship feature works by:

1. Creates a management program for group admins. Admins can choose from a variety of template programs such as career progress, skill development, or encouragement, support, and can choose the right one for their community purposes.

2. People sign up and match their mentor / mentality: Group members can sign up as a mentor or mentor, and then group manager can pair with people.

3. Introduce pedars. Workers get to know each other and work through their own one-on-one program in Facebook. They can communicate through posts, comments, or messenger.

4. Mentors and Mentix adopt a step-by-step guide. Jedi is progressing through a guided program that promotes each week to keep each other out.

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