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Face fighters in Wagere trials


In the next year, March 2, 2014, the Wearless Vetrees Tigers will be guided by international galaxies in 2019 NRL Trails.

Warriors coach Stephen Kirney

Warriors coach Stephen Kirney
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Warriors and Tigers will compete in the first game of Super Brothers Spreads.

NRR announced by the Warriors and North London Event Center Trust. Match, former Kiwi head coach Stephen Kirney, and current national coach Michael Maguire.

NVL has returned from training in a tie-break since the 2012 World Cup.

Alistair Wies, chairman of the North Land Event Center Trust, said.

"We are excited to host the Warriors and West Tigers in the North London Event Center on March 2," he said.

Saturday afternoon is going to be a long time for everyone to take part in the northwestern region.

We would like to enjoy our fondness for visitors from Auckland and the nearby Northland Hospitality to the southwest.

"This program includes a lot of time and preparations for pre-match entertainment for children and children, so be sure to get your tickets and support your team."

Kerry welcomed the opportunity to get the Warriors' squads to the Northern Zone.

"As a club, we enjoy playing around the country and our players will give the locals an opportunity to see those nearby," he said.

This test is important to our last hit-out before it starts against the bulldogs in the mounts on March 16th at the Mount Smart Stadium. This is similar to our ISP team. "

Their kiwi training relationship and Krini and Maguire are common in Melbourne storm. Both of them trained their coaching staff together with the storm under Craig Belli. Kerney was in 2012 with the Rabbit and the top leaves and maguaries.

Wagerrea Match Up offers the possibility of an imagination of fans up to 18 current or current Kiwi potential.

The eight players are included in the team with Kiwis in England. The eight players are included in the Warriors. Ken Mamalo, Peta Hookie, Gerard Bail, Shaun Johnson, and Northlund. Adam Blair, Agnatius Paisi, Aza Populi, An Mau Roger Tuva Sheikh, Isaac Luk, Tuha Harris, Tonk International, David Fuscita and Solomone Katha.

Tigers are the Kiwi bench of the Kiwi party in England, Maraisal, Ben Marlino, Russell Packer, and Elja Taylor (grown up in Farte North and Herminio). New Zealand's other stars include Michael Che-cum, Josh Aloyi, and Thomas McKay.

There will also be two teams at Wagrera for their NRL and ISP examination, and Warriors will appear, and many communities will appear on the day the game lasts.

Fourth time, Wararers is conducting a trial in Wagere. In 2011 and 2012, she won the New South Wales Cup and made an NRL trial against Gold Coast Titus in 2016.

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