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Do not eat regularly for your workout

Washington Even if you all know that we can help with weight gain for severe workout, should you eat when you are exercising before exercising? Proper feeding can be created or broken by a workout version. Why do you want to According to experts, quality carbohydrate major pre-workout and lean proteins are post-fitness.

Eating carbohydrates, but not too much, before your work begins, "said Nancy Cohen, professor of nutritional specialties, and suggests that a person who wished to stay longer than an hour would have to weigh 1 pounds 4g carbohydrate to 1 kilogram per carbohydrate. Eating up to the money is ideal for your fitness rule.

A review of researchers at the University of Sydney University in Australia suggested that carbohydrate intake could be an improvement in tolerance. & # 39; in the Journal of Nutrition & # 39; This article has been published.

Researchers examined carbohydrate intestine and 50 random studies in endurance exercises. Researchers have found that older adults in the study show that carbohydrates are taken to take you seriously.

Low fat, low protein, or low fat foods can help ensure that your muscle needs are muscular glycogen fuel, low-fat granola bars, figs, a panty cheese jellen sandwich, banana, yogurt, pasta or other carbohydrate foods, "Kohen said.

Keeping hydration is the same. You can drink plenty of delicacies. For about four hours in two hours we can eat 5 to 10 mm of water before a workout, "she said.

If you like to exercise in the morning, the experts are based on what you need to predict.

Whether you want to decide whether you want breakfast before or after workout, a picker said Philips.

Every day before breakfast, because when I want to work, I'll probably come without my cup of coffee or maybe a butterfly after my great breakfast. Philippe said that it was good or bad, and that's what I do. However, it is important not to exercise habit of exercising on an empty stomach.

Usually your body uses glucose for fuel and helps glucose exercise in the body. A fasting muscle glycogen is soon to be solved, and then fatigue will start to get the body needed for energy, "Kohan said.

"This can cause kettos or keto acid builds in blood, which will cause kidney damage and fatigue and dizziness for a long time," she said.

"If you burn fat while lying on the empty stomach, it will benefit in a long period of time. If a fatigue is not able to perform you full-time, it's an effective exercise," she added.

So try to eat eggs, cereals and milk and eat saline butter or fruit and curd. Hydration is one of the most important things you can do in your workout and if you're 45 minutes or less for your workout, you will have all the liquids you need to go.

"Depending on the game and the convenience of the individual, a number of meals and drinks can be useful here," Kohan pointed out.

Therefore, eating dishes, sports panels, granola bars, fruits and other high-carbohydrate foods and beverages can help. After workout, apply the protein, eggs, meat, poultry and protein.

"Carbohydrates from 1 to 1.2 grams of carbohydrate intake every hour from 4 to 6 hours per hour, and 15 to 25gms of protein, and glycogen store in the muscle to support protein sanitation," Cohen said. "After high energy, eat high quality protein and carbohydrates after two to three hours, and eat fluid instead of losing it," Kohen added.

Some fruit juices like watermelon juice and cherry juice can reduce muscle pain if you have muscle pain after the stomach. In everything, a post-workout schedule must have liquids to rehydrate, to refine carbohydrates and protein repairs.

Adjust a healthy snack for your meal before your fitness. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking water and other fluids before and after your workout.

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