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Chocolate poison in children with no specific children


Dance children have come with a chicken pox at a US school having the most discounts in the state.

37 children from Asheville Walldorf School in Asheville, North California have been infected with infected and infected viral infections. Asheville Citizen-Times Reported.

The largest outbreak in the state was the introduction of vaccine by the mid-1990s.

About 70 per cent of the private school children have avoided a normal vaccine. The chicken pox vaccine is the most common.

Usually the reason is anti-religious, but some texts do not feel worthwhile.

"What are big interactions with chicken pox? No big deal," said local Amy Gordon Citizen Times. "If I were a mother with a vaccinated child, I would like to send my child to get chicken pox at Waldorf school."

The health department officials say it is a bad idea. According to the Center for Clinical Patients, often chicken pox lives 100 years a year.

Those who are not able to be vaccinated for real health reasons, or their health should be more risky from diseases such as chicken pox – pregnant women or chemo patients – do not transmit viral depending on others to be vaccinated. It protects the cattle.

"People need to be aware of the pockets of people who do not want to be treated as a reservoir," says Nasseran Susan Sullivan. "This is not just you."

The school says that the school is pursuing all vaccinations and is finally the parents to decide.

Once the virus is infected, one's body will not be abandoned. Possible complications, according to the NZ Immunization Advisory Center, pneumonia, bacterial infections, inflammation, pregnancy and risk of fetal distortion.

When 15 months old, children receive vaccine in New Zealand. A fog-up shinps vaccine is available when people reach 65 years of age. Funds for adult immunization and risk groups will also be funded.

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