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Auckland Pride Police Uniform Prohibition: All LGBTQI + people should listen


Comment performance: I was hoping for a public meeting on Police Uniforms at Auckland's Pride Parade, where public opinion is a good reason and civil discourse for everyone.

Sadly, it made a quick and unexpected hourly trip to Vikramaditya and Shamlalik, and I think how much I have run this process. But I looked with patience and now I am happy.

Tangata Whenua's delegation was spoken in our first language in the English language, the first sign of a silent and aggressive attack happened. This resulted in one of the mini-spasms that are difficult to occur.

Then 40 minutes later, the team tried to understand what it was doing. It is not good to testify, he tried the best, but said that the crowds did not like & # 39; And terrible was terrible.

Police Prison in the 2018 Pride Parade

Aidan Rogers

Police Prison in the 2018 Pride Parade

There has been a lot of criticisms about this facilitator, including the one who did a good job from his depth. I want to tell you … he showed dignity and respect. It was publicly criticized and had to face a very spectacular crowd. He did not swear, obstruct, or abused him.

I am very angry – I'm right, people are very excited about this, that's good. I am not happy with the hatred, anxiety, and anxiety for listening to the viewpoints of others. The overwhelming majority rights have arisen, as the majority demand it, the board should decide.

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This surprised me when, when the majority of laws were part of the LGBTQI approach for civil rights? If so, homosexuality would have taken much longer than would have been illegal.

While continuing the conference, there were some attempts to hear different speakers, but it was innocent and the chromosomes came and the physical health of the last.

After the board chair Cissey was willing to change the board to Roach – one would say at least one third of the group would pick out from a group of people.

This moment may be misunderstood. I mean, the board is not going to change their minds at night, but they hear what people are saying. I can make a mistake and ask for explanation from the board chair.

Inspector Trasi Philips of the Police Life Divisional Officer spoke on Sunday night. But the result was not expected. "That was very unpleasant, and we made a strategic withdrawal."

Anna Lawrence / Stewe

Inspector Trasi Philips of the Police Life Divisional Officer spoke on Sunday night. But the result was not expected. "That was very unpleasant, and we made a strategic withdrawal."

Fun, going out, actually turned out to be good conversation at the meeting. Some emotions still exist. Why they were there, and they talked clearly and wonderfully what they meant.

When I realized why the board decision was made, I attended the meeting. I wanted to hear from people who did not try to make the police in their uniform.

I was able to hear those sounds with joy. The name Prinsus Etioreau (Pope) is known as the Peoples.

This team knows all about the community and their intentions, and many of them have been subjected to severe criticism.

Last night, they introduced unpleasant statistics and statistics about the activities of police in New Zealand. I do not give this information until I've been investigating the information I had never heard before

The police are on the horse chariot in the 2018 Auckland Pride parade.

Aidan Rogers

The police are on the horse chariot in the 2018 Auckland Pride parade.

If this information is verified, I want to get some answers from the police from the police to protect them when they are in contact with the most vulnerable members of our community.

Interestingly, a young man who spoke volumes about this subject was the most vibrant, enthusiastic, and warm speaker. "Why do not you care about the marginalization of our society?"

We reminded me of the enthusiasm and zeal from our leaders during the reform of the legislation 30 years ago.

After that, I went and talked with these young people. What do you know They are not jokes or brats- they are well-educated and educated young people who appreciate the history of the Queier clans and appreciate the people who are fighting for the rational rights.

They should ensure that rights are spread to all. I understood from them the mystery, jealousy and anxiety about the treatment of transgender patients in our country and the world.

I am not sure whether I agree with all their arguments or the way they are protesting, but their knowledge, anxiety and their sense of justice impressed me.

By talking to them, we now better understand what some of our communities are against uniform police. There are no unanswered questions, I do not take the PAPA position as a gospel. I want to understand that, and then to know what they're saying.

Police in the 2018 Auckland Pride Parade.

Aidan Rogers

Police in the 2018 Auckland Pride Parade.

Parade is boycotting

The last day I have seen many opinions from people from the community, now they want to walk away from pride, and they threaten the boycott of the parade.

Is this the fact that we came from a community?

At this stage I'm still going to watch a police march but I'm going to walk from an event called Aaklan calendar as one of the best films in the calendar, as the attracting of the crowd gives the city color and competition. I have banned uniforms.

So now I ask you – is that what do we want to cancel all over the whole?

Did you know that someone is happy about that? Every homosexual is a country that prays every year in the rain. Maybe they do not want their Bibles and prayers to come out next year. Because society is good at its own parade.

There is a very simple outlet for everyone. If you need a unit floor, make uniforms in clothes, march with the police in solidarity with you, and use the Dushy Parade to understand what you strongly believe!

That is the pride of paradox. I remember old hero parades. They did it with the protesters. I never forget anyone who is a former niece of the late Mayor Les Mills. Because of that, the Auckland City Council was against the parade. How beautiful and attractive!

2018 will be held at Wellington International Pride Parade.

Jeff Tolan / Stuff

2018 will be held at Wellington International Pride Parade.


About 25 years ago, in New Zealand, it was about human rights protection laws, almost 25 years ago, called Homosexuality. This was done by civil unions 15 years ago. Five years ago it was marriage equally. The transgender rights are now addressed.

LGBTQI people worldwide are still being tortured. In 76 countries, it is still a crime committed in homosexual acts. Anti-Gay squads are being hunted publicly in Tanzania. In the United States, transgender people make people angry. Even in Tasman in Australia, Guy teachers and students have strong debates about the rights of Christian schools indiscriminately.

Here & # 39; Rights & # 39; in New Zealand Our most striking and horrific debate about the police is to wear uniforms or T-shirts.

Allow a moment to drown.

What do some of our members ask for, the mind and compassion of the people in the neighborhood.

I understand the anger of the community, I do not reject it or make it minus. What I mean is a crisis. Instead of asking why this parade is so important, we can give a chance to the question of why our own Rainbow Communities are leaving it.

Let's face it. Every one of us has been out to work, and many of us have deeply wounded, and that's why the following perspectives are very important to us.

But how do we really want parades using carpets, colors, and balloons? How can we all have a right here, racism, sex, intolerance, fraud, homophobia, transfobia inside our own communities and broader society?

Receive our sense of ingenuity and equality and bring it to our paradise.

There is no final determination of what I think about uniform police. Now I know why objections exist, and I will continue asking questions, so I have got more good information.

I would like to try to publicly say that the policemen are going to mar in their uniformes, but when I'm making more inquiries on fundamental issues, I still have to change my mind.

* This article was originally published on the Broadcast Andrew Vytides website.

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