Friday , September 30 2022

& # 39; All Murders Death & # 39; Upper Hut Pose.


The Legacy Award at Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards (VNZMA) in 2018.

& # 39; E & # 39; Frontman Dean Hepatta thanked Hitman for 18 members and many other musicians who contributed to music for hip hop pioneers.

He demanded the New Zealand army to fight in countries. He suggested "oppression".

"Where is that prime minister?" Hapato asked.

In Afghanistan and Iraq, all imperial powers in the US fighting these wars escaped from the fight for imperialism in the US.

"You have to go to Palestine for the fight against the ethnic terror of the Israeli regime and all of our energy energy is essential."

He told us not only to have a Middle East but also to lead the Atharavah's army – to send troops to North America.

"Accept up to the Mexican / US Border, and USA-KKK will protect the repatriation of the people who are refugees in a United snake," said Happetta.

USA Because their countries have collapsed because of their colonial power.

"Death to all men!"

The Upper Hut Poss VNZMA was also hosted by The Varah Purro / New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.

After receiving the award, Che Gottfu & The Crates introduced Best View Performance by Now & # 39; The 14-year-old DMCD DJ World Champ K-Swiss has been launched.

It was the last performance in 2018 VNZMAs.

New shub.

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