Tuesday , September 27 2022

The supply center Alibaba is not in the Netherlands


New European Logistics Center, Alibaba, is not in the Netherlands. The cities of Masty and West are interesting, but Chinese Internet company Alibaba chooses the Belgian city's league as the future destination. It was confirmed by Terry Phone Bebra, the European director of Alibaba Headblind dubbed.

& # 39; Liege Project & # 39; Alibaba said that she has already started. In the last year's annual online shopping singles day, the first flights were transferred from the hugoja to the league.

Rudy represents the Alibaba

While the Leiji election was supported by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the plans for the city of Limbberg could be put on ice. Minister Eric Webs (Economic and Weather, VVD) confirmed that Route was handed over to a representative team from Alibaba last summer to talk about the Dutch industry.

Apart from Warne Bibra, Alibaba founder Jack Mau also participated in the meeting. He said US March would be worth $ 370 billion (around 330 billion euros) in March.

According to European Director, Warne Bibra, it is likely that the new Lodge hub will be expanded in the future. The Netherlands will likely return to the image again.

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