Tuesday , March 21 2023

The Dutch land is more than likely to be expected


The soil in the Netherlands is much higher than expected. This is clear from the surface map of the new soil on Tuesday, the Dutch Center for Geostation and Geo Information (NCC).

Ramon Hansen, a researcher of TU Delt, says that "if the soil consumption rate continues at current rates, it could cause great damage to the natural beauty of cats, cows, troughs, or historic urban centers.

On the map the researchers first distinguish between the deep causes of gas extraction and the effect on the above meter. In shallow & # 39; s depth & # 39; Measurements show that the surface is more common than deep causes.

They combined the surface radar, GPS and gravity measurements into the surface of the soil. According to Hansen, a good picture of the intensity of the problem has been provided.

Climate change

The problem is the peat and clay regions on the western side. Climate change is an important component, researchers say. It was notable too last summer. Then cracks made of drought.

The summers are relatively warm. For example, in the peat soil, this process is impossible. 75% of the South Holland's surface consists of drought-like soil on the surface of the soil. In some places, the fall will be about 2 cm, reports Ombre West.

Gas product

In addition to climate change, the mineral system also plays a role in the soil surface. For example, buildings and asbestos roads will be loaded. The day will be kept up to date with new satellite metrics. For example, if the gas output in Groningen is reduced, it should be said to be less or less.

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