Saturday , June 10 2023

"Secret Agreement between the EU and the British on Customs Union" abroad


This is the Sunday of The Sunday Times. The newspaper is based on Prime Minister Theresa May's government. The agreement would include details of the trade agreement between Great Britain and the European Union. This agreement would be similar to the CETA trade agreement concluded by the EU and Canada last year.

The agreement includes an exit clause that allows Prime Minister Theresa May to try to win the skeptical Brexiteers within the Conservative Party. Preparations for the final agreement are "much more advanced than those previously published," according to the newspaper.


The British Prime Minister's spokesman may reject The Sunday Times's message as "speculation". He says the negotiations are still ongoing. However, it became known that the British cabinet will meet next Tuesday to discuss the plan.

On Friday, May, there is a good way forward to persuade the EU to organize a special brexit summit between the parties.

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