Tuesday , September 27 2022

Q. along with Wilhelmina Child Hospital Research Students



Doctors in the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utehujah have been asked to teach children about the queue fever. In particular, financing of 100,000 euros offered in this nodore-brabant province has played a crucial role.

First research design

Anemike De Groot, Director Q Support, and Medical Advisor Alpha Odd Lawhos are also enthusiastic about this commitment. ANNEYEKE DE GROUP: & # 39; Prof. Dr. Niko Wolfrath, Pediatrician, Immunologist Radiation, Professor Dr. Dr. Babies and professors Ellis van Dutt, pediatrician social pediatrics and researcher. Dr. Honsnip of the Dutch Knowledge Center for Chronic Fatty (NKCV) wanted to write their first research design and wanted to see and exercise the children using the Q Footer. The province's contribution makes this first, important step. & # 39;

& # 39; s required to have 4n tonne & # 39;

Alphonse Oldla Lluis: It's a good start, but we're not there. To conduct good research, we need lots of money. Then you have to think about a thousand thousand euros. Only a little about the kids with a quick fever. It was even considered a time when children should not complain about a Q Foot infection. So more research is essential. & # 39;

Action's crowd funding

The need for infected children, research and treatment is needed. Therefore, patients have begun to work especially for this purpose.

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