Wednesday , March 22 2023

FV in Liverden Derby at this time


The FCC won the Eagles Cup Champion Division title in front of FC Twain. It was 0-1 in a full grassish vee in Enachche. Earlier, MVV master of Liver Derby from JWC on the road won.

Go Ahead-FC Twente scored 30,000 spectators in the first half of the last minute. When the experienced Twente defender Ricardinho played the ball, Jaroslav finished with it.

In the final film Julian Lelywed of Gohhehed took his second yellow card and red color. There is a complete top among the first division. The 26-year-old coach Marino Pacick is in the fifth place.

How is the goal against the trainer John Steigen? Apart from Twins, FC Denis Bosch (31 points), Sparta Rotterdam (30th) and Top Osze (27) are the winners. Spartan also plays against ENTE (4.45 PM).

Dan Boch, Don Holla, Leo Vienan, Jorge van der Sandi and Danny Verbeck scored goals in a 1-1 win over Telter. The goal of a kick home goal from Frank Corpuszk is beautiful. (See pictures)

The WWV is very strong

MVV had a lead of 2-0 in a Jesse match on the road. Roger Defender Irvine Van Ajaamma scored a goal in the 54th minute with a penalty record. Within nine minutes, the lady's vermique was scored.

The two teams ended their game with ten men. The two players issued a red card after the fight with Riccardo Ipel (MVV) and Mari Ergels (Road Jess) and referee Allard Lindhout.

Because MVV has jumped to 12th position from 14 points to nineteenth-century chess champion division. Roda Jessi is in the 10th position with two positions.

MVV was the first such success after four years of disappointing series. The first set was lost in four matches as Kerr Credit lost eight runs to their first successive four wickets.

See results, stand, program in the Kitchen Champion Division

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