Tuesday , September 27 2022

Driving license cost, Belgian at a low price


That's cheap in the wallet, but Hughesn's points out the consequences. "The Netherlands has changed globally on road safety, and Belgian gigantic figures for years, especially young people.

Haylscence hopes to introduce 16 year old driving lessons The good effect for road safety is. Dozens of improvements can be seen abroad, but the Netherlands statistics are not yet available, but thousands of young people have already been used to reduce age, which is why they have experience of increasing road safety. "

Do you have a Belgian

If you think I'm going to be cheaper in Belgium. That's not it. The Dutch can not perform a driving test because the southern neighbors need to register. "You drive in the country you registered," says Hyscans. "It's true that driving licenses are valid across Europe."

That was Max Weustenben's fortune. The resident of Belgium, Belgium, has earned a driving license in 2015. He does not need many driving lessons. In one place he took his practical exams.

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