Wednesday , March 22 2023

Dialysis Fund Dutch Experiment – News


Drink a week without physical strength. This is the challenge of the National Sugar Challenge of the Diabetes Fund. A healthy week begins on November 19th. Thirty thousand people have been registered.

"Hayeke Deying, general director of the diagnostic fund, says:" On an average daily, two and a half times more sugar is added to our sugar.


Due to the overweight of adults in the Netherlands, the risk of type 2 diabetes is high and the body does not respond to insulin and blood sugar levels. Insulin, as is, invisible, can not do its job.

The Diabetes Fund estimates that more than one million people have diabetes, and there are thousands of people per week.

Challenges are published by Digital magazine. It contains recipes, shopping lists, tips, questionnaires, and lots of information on the surface of the food.


According to the WHO recommendation, an adult woman gains 50 grams of sugar per day, the senior man sixty grams. Sugars from sugar, sugar, fruits and density of fruits add sugar to all sugar.

A sugar sibi is equal to four grams of sugar. Therefore, an adult woman uses 12.5 cuamer per day daily for free. A man has improved, that is, fifteen sugar bones. Men have great energy demand.

According to the Diabetes Fund, the Dutch are very high. "We eat about 20 sugar free frozen sugar a day, which is 30 kilograms a year." (ANP)

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