Wednesday , March 22 2023

Arthur van Dijk was nominated as the new CWDD Nord-Holland


The provincial provinces of northern Holland recommends Arthur van Dijk as new commissioner of the province. According to members of the United States, Van Dick is a successor successor to Johannes Rimski. This spring, Remake has announced that he will not terminate as a legal auditor for the second time.

As of 2013, Arthur Van Dickk is the chairman of the Transport and Logistics Netherlands. He is also a member of the Social Economic Council (SER). The employer organization is a member of the VNO-NCW board. Before that he worked in Fido for VVVDV as the mandator of the municipality of Harmmammer.

A commission report by the Ministry of Home Affairs following the recommendations of provincial councils Van Dijk will be installed as the 17th Commissioner of Non-Holland in the state assembly on January 7. He will be appointed in the Royal Discipline for six years.

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State Dinak wrote in a statement that "Van Djjk" was using a profile of this autumn "excited" statement. Looking for "authoritative and respected director" and "excels for the province".

For the second time, he served as the Commissioner of RIMAS. Started up to 2022. In April, a 67-year-old politician announced a delay in January 1, 2019. He indicated that he needed more time for his private life. Reams will be registered as a senate member for VVD.

Political appointments The work of The Hague's Corolla works, Binnohoff determines, is not it?

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