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Angelina (102) survives Spanish fever, cancer and defeat …


Angelina (102) survived the Spanish flu and cancer and was twice struck by the corona virus.

Angelina is celebrating her 101st birthday
Photo: Northwest Chester Restorative Therapy and Nursing Center

Angelina Friedman is clearly a fighter. The 102-year-old woman was diagnosed with the corona virus for the second time. “My mother wants to be as alive as I have ever been,” daughter Joan Merola told NBC.

She had already suffered from the 1918 Spanish Influenza. She survived cancer, internal bleeding and sepsis. The corona virus was also infected in March. But the 102-year-old woman is clearly a fighter. Because not once, but twice was she able to heal.

The 102-year-old woman was shocked to see Friedman’s first diagnosis of Kovid-19 because she saw nothing but the patient. “She was never sick for the first time. Her worst case scenario is a fever that lasts for 10 days, ”daughter Joan Merola told NBC in a telephone interview on Thursday. Friedman was hospitalized for a week, and in April she had a negative test.

But in October, Kovid reiterated that he was infected with 19. This time Friedman was very sick. “She had a cough, she didn’t pay attention, she had a fever,” she says. Friedman was quarantined and treated. They tested negative twice last month. According to Merola, her mother is happy and healthy, and during their last phone call, she talked for about 30 minutes about one of Friedman’s favorite activities: crochet. Merola now hopes that her mother’s special story will give people hope in these dark and strange times.

Spanish Influenza, Pregnancy Miscarriage, Cancer

Because the story of Angelina Friedman is really special. She was born in October 1918 on a cruise ship carrying immigrants from Italy to New York during the Spanish Influenza. Friedman’s mother unfortunately died in childbirth. Her two sisters helped their newborn sister survive until she was reunited with her father in Brooklyn.

Angelina later contracted cancer, and her husband was battling the disease. He did not survive. Pregnancy Abortion, internal bleeding, blood poisoning: Angelina survived the disease.

Meanwhile, Friedman is almost deaf and has lost her eyesight. Out of a total of 11 children, she was the only survivor. Merola says: “My mother went through a lot of life. She also gives some advice: “You can’t give up. You have to fight. My mother has the will to be alive like I have never seen before. ”

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