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After the election: What about the contract of a European government?

Count is also counted. Draw the balance. How will the European Parliament go after elections? Perhaps, it is a form of an ally, a term that does not appear in the dictionary of the European Union. Pacts between political parties to form a new party – the new European Commission – is new.

In recent years, two major blocks are divided into Christian Democrats and Social Democrats. It's like working with President and Commission of Parliament. The last two celebrities, Jean Claude Junker and Martin Scholes, handled it in a few days. Christian Democrat was appointed president of the European Commission and sanctioned Social Democrats as chairman of parliament. A great alliance was born.

At this time a new solution should be seen in an aborted political nature. From today on, you have to share power with European greens and liberals.


The greens are doing their work in front of them. Liberals (LDEs) grow because the movement of the president's Macron movement not to fall from the fundamental right-wing leaders of the Maureen Le Pen.

Another prediction is the explosive growth of the right-wing, Euroscopic and nationalist parties under the leadership of the Italian Socialist Salvation. Salvani Block and Pen and Wilders will be fourth in the European Parliament rankings.

Salvini was the home of the Italian home, but it was even bigger than the overall score of a block. Relief from the European proclaimed country. More and more citizens will benefit because European elections will be more visible: the European Union is more prominent than the 2014 elections.

Everyone has honor

Christian Democrat Manfred Weber, who is expected to become president of the European Commission, hoped for a new alliance agreement with Social Democrats, Liberals and Greens, though he expected more seats. He calls other group chairmen today to discuss the content.

He wants to know what to do about weather, refugees, and taxes in the coming period. Occasional meetings with all groups. "With all respect". Weber thinks it takes two weeks.

Liberals also want to sit on the table. Sofie in Veld (D66) wants to make contracts, but they should be concerned about democratic reforms. "Now we have about contracts regarding transnational lists of contracts on how the European Commission will elect a new president."

Who is the new president?

Meanwhile government leaders are also taking place. The European Union leaders will be the new president of the present European Union leaders. The first lines are planned. Named so far, trying not to cheat the European Parliament.

Government leaders like Macron and Prime Minister Mark Route are a big part of the European Parliament. They accept a lesson in European Covenants, whereby government leaders will have to take into account the election results.

Already some leaders know that Webber does not need them. Another & # 39; Spit & # 39 ;, and France Timmers, and may come into sight. Timmarman's was not an absolute winner at Sunday night, but he respected the current man of the Commission and the modest man of social democracy.


Timmermans & # 39; only halts: that giant is again & # 39; West & # 39; and & # 39; Between east & # 39; In the eastern European countries, Poland, Hungary, and Romania, Timmermine is seen as a "travesty". They came to study Eastern European Union democracy and the legal system.

Resistance to Weber and Timmermans So, on Tuesday, during the lunch, all the leaders of the table will be placed in an alternate list. Hundreds of billions of Europeans have no idea afterward to vote.

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