Saturday , June 10 2023

United States gave 250,000 jobs in October; Unemployment was 3.7%


"If I were a Republican politician, I would shout," said Mr Shepherdson, "but growth can not continue." Manufacturing sectors, particularly in China and Europe, are weakening, he said. This week's commentary on the manufacturing index was "fees, tariffs, tariffs".

The October data are modified twice more and the September again.

Although the unemployment rate was steadily falling below the level reached in 2000, wages increased significantly at the peak of growth.

Low wages have contributed to financial instability in a number of sectors. More than a quarter of Americans are not looking to cover the basic costs, while more than one third are unable to pay all their bills, according to a report by the Financial Services Innovation Center, the Ford Foundation and several banks. This deficit contributed to increasing credit card debt and credit default.

However, the October report is among many new phenomena that wage growth is catching up.

According to a report by the ADP payroll firm's research group last week, US workers are on average seeking nearly $ 1 / hour a year ago.

William H. Stoller, chairman and chief executive officer of Express Employment, Oklahoma City, said that the fees paid for light industrial and administrative jobs were raised from $ 14.50 to $ 15.50 per hour, which was roughly $ 13.60 compared to the previous year. Most job seekers you meet with your company are looking for higher pay and more forward looking opportunities.

"What is so impressive for me is that there are more jobs since March than this year than employees," said Scott Clemons, Harriman Brothers Brothers' main investment strategy. The number of openings exceeded 7.1 million, according to the government's latest account.

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