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Which channel matches match?

Photo Archives: Blair's Algeria-Togo Tournament
Photo Archives: Blair's Algeria-Togo Tournament

Togo will face Algeria in 1700 at the municipal stadium in Lomo on the fifth day of the 2019 Football Tournament.

The QETRY Media Group "BEIN Sports", broadcast in this match at Beena Sports (2), Arabic Language (Subscription) and Beedle Sports, is broadcast in the Mina Area (Middle-East and North Africa) in Canada in Astra Satellite in 2019.

Togo's General Television Channel (TTT International) announced its broadcasting as part of its satellite Eutlsat A9. Benjadi's fourth avatar on Algerian selection. Please note that national television can not be broadcast at this meeting, which can not be redefined right.

Algeria, standing in front of Benión, became a joint leader in Benin on 1-0 at Copenhagen on October 16. Benin is at the fifth place in front of Togo and Gambia. In March 2019, Graeme will qualify for the final of the Cameroon final at the Granma final before Gambia will face a deadline.

Togo-Algeria: Channels to reunite:

beIN sports max 4 (France) (11856 V 29700) – Astra 19.2 ° E

beIN sports 6 (MENA) (subscription, IPTV)

Canal + Sports 1 Africa (12012 V 29700) Hotbed 13 ° e

TVT International (11900H 27000) Eutelsat 9A

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