Wednesday , March 22 2023

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The 30 candidates who will be chosen by the Quiz – Miss Francis will visit Mauritius at the function on December 15.

On June 22, the papacy of the Wimalia Chavez Miss Tahiti won the scarf and crown. The 23-year-old was the first Miss International to be present for Miss France's 2019 celebration. 29th Anniversary of Tinuxux (Maran) of the 26th of October 26th is sacred in their area. The desire to participate in the public on the 15th anniversary of French ambassador in France on December 15 and 100 percent junior headed by Renate in line. Jean Pierre Foucault will once again live on the occasion.

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Following the transformation of TN1 1 press conference and the traditional conversion, 30 winners of the 30 Majeaks fly to Mauritius. At the start of December, in the last rehearsal, they will come back to the next election jury before the fixed 12 semi-finalists will decide.

This new promotion has already played a role in the cracks. Ouye Pons, Miss Provence 2018 decided to give her the status of a grant for her special status. Vinila Gouraine (19 years old and 1.74 million) is in second place. Within a few days, a candidate can not make a midfield-pass-the-art contest due to "legal dissent". This local election campaign was propagated by the sister of Anabel Warren, sister of footballer and footballer Rafael Warren in the French team.

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